Longer Term Project

You may remember that I created a yarn recently that was one ply of a single handspun I’d created long ago and Rose the dog had chewed up a portion of and current handspun singles out of batts I made on my drum carder. Here’s the post.

I was really eager to knit with that yarn, it’s so rich and blue. So I settled on knitting a Nuvem shawl. It’s a shawl that begins with a long Judy’s Magic Cast-on and knits out and increases from there. Now, I am not at all experienced with Judy’s Magic Cast-on so I did not properly follow the instructions and it is definitely not a perfect cast one. One row of stitches are twisted so there is a visible seam in the shawl. But I think it’ll be ok, or at least I am ok with it.

It’s tough to see but I’ve been knitting on it for quite some time now. Closing in on a month. And I’ve been working on it almost exclusively except for the two hats.


At this point it’s all on one needle and being knit in the round. The trouble is, I need more yarn.

So I am also spinning for it. I had some singles left from the original yarn. So I pulled out a darker blue set of batts, also of my own creation, and I am hoping to combine one ply of each for the ruffle section of the shawl.


I’ve got a ways to go yet on the spinning of the darker singles, but I am getting there and the process is pleasant. I do believe I can finish this project by the end of the year.


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