TeamProjectPan November Update

I have just completed my 11th month of a year-long project and I am thrilled with the results. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

I only finished one mini fragrance this month but I got a fair way through the other, so that’s something. I will have the tiniest finished in December and hopefully a start on another, though they are all on the larger side comparatively, and will take more time to finish.

I worked on the darkest cream contour shade in my sleek palette, and I think you can see some progress there! I admit that the tarte palette doesn’t look particularly used. Mostly I’ve been concentrating on the bronzer shades. The blush and highlight rarely get touched because I am panning the tarte blush single in this project as well as working on a frankenhighlight on the downlow.

Up next, a few marked items. The mary kay exfoliator got only the tiniest bit of use. I am going to make a point in December to use this at least once a week so I can get it finished up. I made major progress on my It cosmetics illuminating cc cream. I’ve come to realize that I super enjoy the formula this time of year. It looks good, it sticks well to my face for a work day, it feels hydrating enough in the cold weather. I’ve become rather a big fan of it! I am going to enjoy another month of steady progress on it.

As for the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, the color is too off now this time of year for me to wear. There’s the tiniest bit of progress on it but I have to roll it out and put it away. I made more progress on the skin & co finishing spray, not much to say about that. It is easy progress when I am remembering to use it.

Primers-I finished the sample size of benefit porefessional. I only used a tiny bit of the becca first light, as it’s not necessary under the illuminating cc cream. The Touch in sol no poreblem primer got the most use, it was completely full when I rolled it in and I’ve been using it almost daily now that the porefessional is finished.

Now on to what I think is pretty exciting progress. From the top left-my tarte blush in paaarty got used so much that it crumbled and I had to repress it. There’s the tiniest bit left. I’ve been using it consistently, but I think it’ll last me through the next month. Not sure if it’ll get finished by the end of the year or not.

I finished my bum bum cream! I really ended up loving this as a body cream. It’s really luxurious. The smell isn’t so overwhelming once under clothing. I am glad to have used it. My concealer, I finally was able to remove the stopper. This means that I am busy trying to finish it up but feeling nowhere near done.

I am using that thrive eye brightener daily on my brow bone. Does it show any progress at all? No, no it does not. But, the it cosmetics universal brow pencil I was certain would last until the end of the year? It’s gone! I can’t believe I got almost a full year out of that one product. I am not rolling in a new brow product at this time.

Lip products-I’ve been using my bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick fairly consistently but not daily. The trouble is, it’s a really dark, vampy shade. While I do enjoy wearing that shade, it’s also hard to justify wearing it daily. Plus, I feel like I have to tone down the eye look, and I don’t always want to tone down my eye look. The MUFE lipstick got tossed as it had gone off, but the ofra mini liquid lip saw a bit more use this month. I love the ofra liquid lipstick formula so it’s an easy liquid lip to use.

I am still working on my mac paint pot and still no pan is seen. On the other hand, I seem to be wearing away on the sides instead. A little more progress has been made on the shadow I use to set my eye primer.

That brings us to the end of this month’s update. 3 items were finished this month. I feel I have a chance at 2-4 more finishes by the end of the project. Definitely 2 if I work hard. But, I did get a lipstick advent calendar which means I’ll struggle to complete the bite beauty lipstick in the upcoming month. We shall see! No matter what, the project has been very successful. Almost like a shop my stash in 3-month increments. I will not do this particular project next year, I’ll try something else. I am ready to mix it up again. However, I am glad I stuck this project out this year, it was a very good one!

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