November Beauty Balance Finale

Here’s my beauty balance finale for this month, it’s a good one! Last update I had 16 items leaving my collection over what entered.

I did purchase some things, I got some Deciem products at the slow sale.


Just 4 items. I am eager to give them a try when my current products are finished.

That brings me down to 12 leaving over what entered.


I can easily bring that back up to 16 with just my finished hair products this month. I liked each of these items. I am trying to move away from the moroccan oil dry texture spray, so I’ll be working through two others instead in the upcoming months. Everything else I’d happily repurchase in the future.


Spoiler, this’ll bring me to 24 items leaving my collection over what entered it this month.

The trestique mascara I am giving Miss Butterfly. It transfers badly for me, as is the case with almost anything that isn’t waterproof. I finished the it cosmetics eyebrow pencil a month earlier than I expected, I am thrilled with that! I finished another elf lip exfoliator and I won’t be repurchasing. This one all the exfoliating action got used up before early and it was a much stiffer formula. It’s too inconsistent for me to count on. I finished The Ordinary Buffet serum. I like it but I prefer other serums. I finished a briogeo roscaro product, this one was a heat protectant.

The Alien perfume I’d purchase. I love it. I really want to own it. I have far too many other perfume samples to do so, but it’s on a list to pick up someday in the future. The benefit porefessional is useful but I don’t seek it out. And, the bum bum cream I ended up loving but would not purchase due to the price.

As for the foil packet style items-I got a chance to try the urban decay stay naked foundation, I won’t need to purchase. The seed scalp and root mask is something I do want to purchase as a full size someday, I loved that product! The Wella volume boost didn’t really do anything special, and the Hask shampoo didn’t blow me away either.

I am fortunate that I managed to move 24 items out before December, and that was my overall goal. I have an advent calendar coming in, and that’s 24 new items. That being said, I’ll wait to balance that at the very end of the month since I suspect I’ll give most of that calendar to Miss Butterfly once it’s done. I also did shop the sales, so I have some items coming in that way as well.

That’s it for November, see you in December!

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