Second to last finished object

I began the Odyssey shawl in October using a lovely handspun gradient yarn of mine. Originally I’d intended to knit a project with the yarn which was a gradient, but then decided that I could knit the Odyssey shawl starting from one end of the yarn, switching to the other end for the middle section, and back to the original end for the final section. It worked out very well!

That’s 98% of my yearly goal of 40 projects. And my final project is close to being done as well! I will probably finish today if I have any luck.

And that brings me to next year’s goals! I have none. My goal is to not have goals. I’ll knit as I want to knit, spin as I want to spin, and I’ll push to keep knitting from stash instead of acquiring new yarn. That’s my goal.

3 thoughts on “Second to last finished object

  1. Your shawl looks great! Good for you on getting there with your goal for this year – you will finish your last project easily 🙂 And good idea for next year – sometimes it’s good to go with the flow.

  2. I love how you did that color management! It came out great. I love that pattern and might spin for it sometime soon. It’s a pretty one, and easy.

    Interesting goal. I like it. I exceeded my knitting goal, got close to yours, but completely failed my spinning goal, since I stopped spinning this summer and haven’t yet started again. I probably will soon.

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