NYX advent calendar

Hi all-

Last year I purchased the NYX advent calendar and posted a selfie a day as I worked my way through the calendar. It was quite a lot of fun for me, made me try unusual lipstick shades, and gave me something to look forward to during the darkest parts of the year.

I purchased this year’s calendar as well. But, since I purchase on thanksgiving day to get it half price, and because thanksgiving was late this year, I didn’t receive it until yesterday. As such, I am starting late and will make up the extra days after christmas eve.

This year’s calendar is called Love, Lust, Disco. I am likely to be subjected to some metallic lipsticks I fear. This year it is all lip products, where last year we received eyeshadows, a blush, and highlighter.

Day 4 lipstick is soft matte lip cream in color Sau Paulo. It’s bright, but not offensively so. I like it!


I got to pair this with a new eyeshadow, for a birthday gift I got an urban decay moondust eyeshadow single. It’s pretty and sparkly, probably more of a topper than anything else. But, I used Two Faced Sweet Peach palette for a transition, crease, and outer corner. Then I used a glitter glue on my lid with the moondust shadow over it and it’s just as pretty as can be, I really love it.

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