Advent Calendar Days 6-9

Well, aren’t I ever behind?! I took Friday off work to spend with the dogs and get some cleaning done for unexpected house guests over the weekend. I have a cousin coming in to town on Tuesday as well, so the cleaning needed to get done even if I didn’t have unexpected house guests. Plus, I wanted to be at home with the dogs.

Day 6:


It’s a bright magenta metallic liquid lipstick. Ridiculously difficult to apply. Ridiculously bright. Mr. Ink came home at lunch and said “Is that lip color the real reason you stayed home today?!”

I will never wear this again. I am not afraid of a bold lip, but a bold metallic lip is not my thing.

Day 7:


I spent the day outside with the dogs, or visiting with Miss Marja, none of which required makeup. But, we did have Mr. Ink’s mother’s 92 birthday to attend, so I managed to get my makeup done, grab the lovely buttergloss in color madeleine, pop it on my lips and run outside for a quick photo before the sun went down. This lip item now lives in my coat pocket, I love it SO MUCH.

Day 8:


This was a matte liquid lipstick, a liquid suede. I do like the color very much, it’s a great nude color. I am not a fan of the formula, however, so I wouldn’t purchase this. I popped the gloss from the previous day over the top of this to make it feel more comfortable, and it lasted nicely all day long.

Day 9:


I am back at work today with a matte bullet lipstick, color natural. Which seems appropriate! It leans toward pink but is very much a nude even so.

I’ve gotten fortunate with the past 3 days of colors. Since each of them were nudes, I was able to enjoy working with some new eyeshadow palettes that I picked up recently. They are all of the mauve/purple themes, colors that were definitely lacking in my collection. Miss Butterfly and I are enjoying them immensely and exploring all sorts of looks with them!

I’ll have company in my house from tomorrow through Saturday. That means I’ll have to significantly tone down my makeup application process since I won’t have access to my vanity. I am kind of looking forward to figuring out how to streamline that!

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