And Then Spinning

When I was too exhausted to knit in the past month, I spun on support spindles. Only the easiest and most basic batts I created myself.

I’d been working on a lighter and a darker color blue. I was able to get a skein of yarn that was one ply of dark and one ply of light combined. Then I had a bunch of the darker singles left over, so I plied those together as well.


I figure that if I alternate skeins, they’ll be close enough to look pretty good together. I did not count the yardage, that seemed like too much work at the time. I’ll have to get to that sometime in the future.

I’d like to get some wheel spinning done at some point soon, but am still finding that kicking back with my feet up at the end of the day is really all I’ve got left in the tank. So, I have already started on another support spindle project.