2020 Rolling Project Pan update 1

Last month I started a rolling project pan using specific prompts. My prompts to start the project were:

1.  A product with cute packaging
2.  An expensive product
3.  A product in loose form
4.  A drugstore product
5.  A product I bought because of youtube
6.  An old favorite


And these are the projects I chose. Here’s a spoiler, I did finish one item so I needed a new prompt. The new prompt is:

7.  A product you haven’t used in a while.


Let’s start with the new prompt first, I chose the l’oreal silkissime liner in cobalt blue. I am not trying to finish this one, but my goal will be to work my way through it until I can no longer see the L’oreal label toward the top. So, that’s still a bit of work. I rarely use this liner and I think it needs to see some action in my collection.

My product with cute packaging is the pretty vulgar powder. I started with this weighing 80 grams and it now weighs 76, so progress was certainly made. I’ll keep at it. If I haven’t used it up by the summer, I may have to roll it back out as it does nothing for oil control. But it does set my makeup nicely and it’s great to use this time of year.

My expensive product is the hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light. I have used this almost every day. My goal is to hit pan. No pan yet…

My product in loose form was the bare minerals powder foundation, that is now used up.

My drugstore product is the NYX brow powder pencil. I used about halfway to the lettering, so progress was made.

The product I bought because of youtube is the CYO lifeproof foundation. I did make progress on this, but I also worked hard on finishing up a different foundation this month, so I think I can make my progress on this go a bit quicker next month. I am hoping to use this up, but it’s another one that needs to roll out if the weather warms. So we’ll see how far I can get!

And, the hula bronzer sample is my old favorite. I’ve used it daily, I don’t see a lot of progress. The goal is to use this one up, so it might be some time yet!

Not a bad start for a rolling project. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to roll in anything new next month. But, I’ll keep after it and see how far I can get. Sometimes I am surprised!

3 thoughts on “2020 Rolling Project Pan update 1

  1. Great job! I cannot wait to see some pan! Hitting pan is such a great feeling. I broke my no buy when I took my daughter to Marshalls. We found a palette that Ive been looking for, so broke my no buy, but Im back on it now. The palette was too good to pass up.

    • In the new year, new projects are motivating in and of themselves. Often hitting pan comes at a time when I start to feel unmotivated, motivating me yet again. I love that feeling!

      I would have broken my no buy for that too, but then, I am awfully easy on myself when it comes to palettes!

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