February Beauty Balance

Last month I moved 11 products out of my collection, adding nothing in. This month I added nothing in again, or rather, will add nothing in. Since I am doing a replacements only no buy for at least this month and next, it doesn’t matter when I list my empties, as there won’t be anything incoming to balance it with.

So, once resolving my 3 panning projects, it is convenient to do an empties post and move those products into the recycling bin.


This month I beat out my totals from last month. I had 11 products leave last month, this month I have 12. So, 23 in 2 months.

I finished a perfume sample, it was from Phlur. It smelled very floral, as the brand name suggests. When putting this on initially it is so strong, but thankfully settles down into a nice lasting fragrance that sticks around most of the day. I’ve been alternating perfumes through about 3 different scents, this being one of them, and I’ve really enjoyed this one thoroughly.

Next up, 4 mini nyx liquid lipsticks. The brown one has gone off. I am disappointed about it. I loved the color but only wore it once! It was from the 2018 nyx advent calendar. The other 3 I just don’t love the formula of, so they are going to Miss Butterfly.

I finished my bare minerals matte foundation in my rolling project pan, I enjoy that foundation pretty well, but also have bare pro foundation to work through now so I won’t be repurchasing it any time soon.

I used a youth to the people kale and green tea moisturizer, it was a nice, light, gel type formula that I loved. I love Belif just as much so I’ll probably stick with that since I can now get that at ulta, but I did love the youth to the people option as well.

I finished up a wet n wild primer spray, mostly I used this as a spray to wet my brush with. I’ve been using it for ages, but also ended up with a number of sprays in my collection, so I decided to finish this one so I could make more room.

The Farmacy honeymoon glow is a product I loved. It’s pricey, but this lasted me 8 months, so I feel like that’s not such a bad price when I consider the amount of use I got out of it. I won’t repurchase immediately as I’ve got some other resurfacing products to use up first, but I may decided to purchase this in the future.

I finally finished up the very last but of my Mary Kay satin hands exfoliator, and this is an item I won’t repurchase simply because I am now quite opposed to MLMs.

The Body Drench lotion is something I keep at work, and this is my third purchase of this item. I love the formula, and the scent is light enough not to bother me at work, so I’ll repurchase this once I am done with the first aid beauty one I currently have at work.

And finally, a hairspray. I got this free during one of the ulta hair events. It did not really have the hold I was looking for that works best for my rather wild poofy super short cut. The hold is a bit too gentle for that. But I didn’t waste it! However, now that I’ve gone back to a high hold spray, I am experiencing the learning curve of putting less spray on my hair each day.

That’s it, 23 products in the last month and a half. I’ll save my empties until after the 10th of next month as well. I’d be super pleased if I could add another 10 items, but that might be a bit of a challenge. We’ll see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “February Beauty Balance

  1. Great job! I’m so excited for you! I’m working hard this month to clear out a few items for my 2020 project. I almost have a face and body moisturizer done. It feels so exhilarating to know that I am sooooo close. Plus, I have a primer almost done as well and a lip gloss. Gonna try to get as much lippies done this year as I can. I use them a ton, but have never finished any.

    • I tried to pan lippies all year last year, and I did pretty well! However, I realized I was not using my collection. So, my goal this year is to rotate my stash, but pan a few. I am working on a mini now and while I love it, I will also love knowing I used it up.

      • I currently have a lip balm, lip stick, lip gloss, and lip crayon in my purse, so I will use them out and at the office. If I have it on me, I will use it. At home, I tend to reach for my potted balms and if Im going out and need a different color, I just take the lipstick I need with me for touch ups. Im hoping for 6 lippie empties this year.

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