Partners in Cream project pan update 2

In my first partners in cream project pan update:


I had finished a face spray and removed a liquid shadow, adding in more primer and an almost used lipstick. I was also very close to finishing the pan of contour I was working on, and decided to keep the palette in the project, working on the darker contour next.

Here’s what is going on this month:


The bare minerals primer is very close to being done now, in fact it is so close to being done that I’ve been wearing my bare minerals foundation more often in hopes of finishing this up. I am not there yet, but I feel pretty confident I can use it up by the next update.

The darker cream contour is going just fine, I am seeing more pan than before, and I love the product. Because I am wearing a powder foundation sometimes, I have been using this less. I hope to hit solid side pan in the upcoming month.

Of the becca primers, one is completely gone, and you can see that I made a bit of progress on the other as well.

The sample size of bite beauty lipstick is used up. I love the dark vampy color of this, and I am actually sad to see it go.

Because I finished one item, I am rolling in another facial spray, this one is Skin & Co. It was in a project pan last year, as you can see the previous marks. And I have been using it consistently. I suspect this will take me about 2 months to finish, if I consider previous usage.

This is one of those projects that is feeling pretty consistent. I am getting a few things used up while still having some longer term items as well. I am appreciating how that’s working out. In using one of those primer tubes, I gained a nice space in my collection. When I finish up the bare minerals primer, that’ll be another great spot in my collection. My collection, which blossomed in 2018 and stayed about the same all the way through 2019 is finally starting to reduce.

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