Beauty Balance in March

I’ve kept myself on a replacements only low buy since the beginning of the year. I was wanting to make sure I wasn’t spending cash on things that just weren’t necessary when we had so many exciting trips planned for this year.

The first of this year’s trips has been canceled. The second one is a waiting game, we’ll know in a month if we are closer to being able to travel by the end of July. That being said, with the current crisis, saving money is the name of the game.

I’d told myself the end of March for the replacements only low buy, but that was in part because I wanted to be able to pick stuff up at the ulta 21 days of beauty sale. The sale started early this year.

I did pick a bunch of items up, but the grand total for all of it was just over $4, as I had a lot of points to spend and a free clinique foundation coupon and so on. I was very fortunate. I’ll be back on that replacements only low buy until the spring hair event where I’ll stock up again on hair items.

Here’s what I picked up:


The first two The Ordinary items are replacements, you’ll see the empties in my next empties post. Then the free clinique foundation which came with a free sample of hydrating jelly. I picked up a white foundation mixer to lighten up foundations that are too dark. I picked up the it cosmetics powder foundation and mac mineralized skin finish. I’ve heard great things about pur love your selfie foundation and the stila hide and chic foundation so I wanted to give them a try as well. I needed to add a low cost item to my order so I grabbed another hairspray, something that needs to be in my arsenal with my weird haircut. That’s 10 items in.

I was at 30 items out of my collection so far this year over what came in (prior to this only one item came in) so that brings me down to 20 items out over what came in.

But wait, there’s empties!


7 empties to be specific, so that’s 27 out over what came in.

I’ve got a redken powder grip hair powder. I’d originally been kind of salty about this as it has less in it than other brands and cost more. But, this really did last longer than those same other brands, so I don’t think it’s that bad of a value and I would pick it up again potentially.

I have the sexy hair surfrider dry texture spray. I liked it, but there are others I like a lot more so I won’t repurchase.

I have clinique waterproof mascara which is totally kicked.

I am letting go of a metallic liquid lipstick from the advent calendar, this is probably all the liquid lipsticks from nyx now gone.

I also finished a bite beauty agave lip treatment, which I did like a ton and I am sad to see it finished. I do have another to use though.

There’s a skinfix moisturizer which I used up as a night cream. Wouldn’t repurchase.

And there’s a fragrance sample, it’s hermes twilly. I liked it quite a lot, but not enough to want to seak it out.

So, the replacements only low buy, despite ending a bit early, has really done its trick to keep the items leaving my collection more than what comes in, and now I am back on the low buy. To be honest, there are a couple items that interest me in 21 days of beauty, but I truly don’t think that I am interested enough to purchase. There’s always the fall one, and I’ve more than enough to get me through until then.

4 thoughts on “Beauty Balance in March

  1. I’m fascinated and intrigued by the beauty products cataloguing, and it makes me want to get out all of my stuff, spread it out, and do some thoughtful culling. Or play with it all.
    I still have an orange lipstick I bought in London in 1987! Somehow, it’s still moist and plus it has this funky slide-lid opening…. Anyway, I dig the mini-reviews of everything. Makeup counters are overwhelming to me, so I tend to sidle up, hyperventilate, grab something that looks familiar and then at checkout try to act casual like I know what I’m doing.

    • For the days I am working from home, I am planning to make a personal rule that I have to use my face masks. I do not anticipate things like video calls, so that seems like something I could actually manage.

      Your description of going to makeup counters is exactly how I’ve always felt about them. I am still uncomfortable in sephora, despite having a lot of knowledge about products these days. I don’t know what it is that makes them so intimidating! Or maybe, overwhelming.

      Orange lipstick bought in London in 87? This sounds like something you’d better hang on to tight, someday someone will call it vintage and it’ll be highly sought after as an example of the times. (There’s people on youtube who collect makeup from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Quite fascinating!)

      • I have to be honest, I have some vintage makeup for eye catchers for when I have my dream vanity. I love some of the packaging of those items from the 20s.

        Great job on your makeup balance! I love buying new makeup pieces and I’m excited to see upcoming thoughts on what you have purchased.

        For my April makeup basket, I am also switching focus to skincare and less on makeup since I don’t really use it if Im just gonna be at home all day. So, the items that I chose will still be makeup but more on the skincare side like lip balm, glowy moisthrizer, and cream highlighters bc lets face it. I still highlight when Im at home. lol.

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