Ranking All My Eyeshadow Palettes Top Tier

I  see this type of content on youtube pretty regularly but I never think it translates all that well to a blog post. But, I got inspired to do it over the weekend. In part, I think it’s good to grab the whole collection to again see what I have. This works for making me realize the last thing I need is more eyeshadow. But also, it gets the creative side of my brain working, and I’ve really been struggling with that lately. I used to “toss’ my yarn stash, meaning take it all out and look at it and then put it away again. Now I did it with eyeshadows.

Now, how I did this was split things into various tiers. I just off the top of my head pulled everything out and made piles of things I loved the most and things I liked the least and then found what I’d group together. Then, I took each tier and put them in order of my favorite to least favorite.

I am splitting these posts up, this’ll be a series. It would be awfully overwhelming to do the entire collection at once.


And here’s my top tier.

  1. Viseart Petit Pro 5 Soleiel. This is my absolute favorite palette. I love the pretty, tiny packaging, I love the color story. The bright rich purple and the pretty yellow just sing to me. It’s a bold palette, and I have to take that into consideration when I wear it, but I just adore working with it and wear it often.
  2. Viseart Petit Pro 3. Another tiny and beautiful palette of gorgeous shades but neutral and easily incorporated into daily use. This one is new to me and I’ve only worn it a few times, but since it performs as beautifully as the petit pro 5 and has the ease of a color story that could be worn daily, it comes in second place.
  3. Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves. This palette is the unsung hero of the limited edition tarte palette world. For them, it was a pretty bold color story. It was my first higher end palette and it maintains it’s high status in my collection. You can see it has gotten loads of use. While it feels like it leans red/burgundy, these colors translate as fairly neutral on my skin, making for a palette that is extremely wearable but also has a pop or two of fun colors (that I rarely touch!)
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette. This was my wedding palette and it was a perfect choice. I love how my look turned out. And, I used it on my maid of honor, looked great on her too. I’ve worn it a lot and it just never fails me. A fantastic investment.
  5. Coloured Raine power palette. This is really new to my collection, I purchased it at the end of last year. I haven’t played with it all that much but when I do it really stands out! Each of those shades performs beautifully. The white is actually an amazing duochrome, surprising me each time I use it with a strong purple/pink shift. This is the type of palette that is so good it makes me want to purchase other palettes from the brand. Much like Viseart.
  6. Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe Volume 1. I got this in a boxycharm and I have been so pleased with it. The mattes are beautiful to work with and when I am craving a particularly warm shadow day, this is one that I always want to pull. While I rarely use the blue and the teal, the other two metallics are gorgeous and I use them regularly when I want something that really stands out.

So, my absolute top favorites bring me a week’s worth of beautiful palettes, some colorful, some neutral, all with outstanding performance that just make any morning using them a delight. Stay tuned for tier 2 shortly, all of which are really good. I’ll be interesting to see if I can explore why they were tier 2 rather than tier 1.