Protect Your Meatsuit project pan update 3

I’ve been enjoying my progress on the protect your meatsuit project pan. While much of what I placed in here ends up being longer term items, I have managed to go through a few things.

Here are the photos of where I started, update 1, and at the bottom, update 2. I didn’t get it in the photo, but I finished up both the Manna Kadar body exfoliant and the Shea Moisture in shower conditioner. Neither of them I liked particularly well, so I am glad to have them moved out of my collection.

Here’s what I have going on now:


Another chunk of product used in my sol de janero shower gel. I still love this and am happy I am getting a lot of use out of it. I think my daughter may be getting in and using it as I often forget to remove it from the shower. But, I’ve decided to let that go. I can’t remember everything all the time. Seems to be about the same amount of use this time as last time.

With a few days of working from home came a commitment to using my face masks more. I decided that I had to mask every day during that time period. This did not show up as a ton of use on my two elemis face masks, but I am glad to be getting as far as I am. I will likely have more work from home days coming up, and I’ll keep after these during that time frame.

I didn’t bother to try to mark my dr. Brandt cleanser as it’s basically just spurting now, there’s nothing to mark. So, I’ll finish it this month, but I am adding in one of the oldest cleansers in my cleanser stash. The Kate Somerville exfoliating cleanser. I really like this one, and I’d hate to see it go off.

And finally, a new product to officially bring me back to 5 working products at all time in this project, I am rolling in this leave in conditioner from ouai. I experimented with it last week, figuring on the days I am staying home it’ll be perfect for my purposes. But, turns out it leaves a little bit of grit to my hair, which is something that’ll come in handy when I am doing my hair for work. So, progress might be made faster than I’d been anticipating.

I have really enjoyed separating my makeup and skincare project pans this year. While I do have another project that combines the two, I feel like these are my main projects and the separation feels great. It’s just easier for me to manage than last year’s huge full face project pan. While most of this project is a little slow moving, it is a heck of a lot more progress than I would have been making without the associated project.

One thought on “Protect Your Meatsuit project pan update 3

  1. I am almost out of my shower gel! I’m so sad. I’ve been enjoying it so much, but I guess that is apparent. I’m adding it into my monthly basket for April. I’m adding a lot in April, since Ill be home all month long. I figure I can make a dent in my collection. Great progress! O cannot wait to see next month’s!!!

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