Ranking All My Eyeshadows Tier 3

Here’s my third tier round up in this series:


This’ll be short because I only placed 4 palettes in tier 3!

14.  This may not look like it, but it is a good portion of my depotted Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. I’ve added a few other shadows to it, but that’s really the bulk of it with the brighter colors removed. I didn’t like them anyhow. You’ll see them in the bottom tier actually. I like this for warmed toned looks and I do use it pretty often. But, overall it feels like no matter what I do with this palette, I get a one note look. It’s all the same. Tons of colors and I feel like I am getting the same look over and over. So I end up doing the same look over and over, figuring if I were to hit pan on something, that would make this palette somewhat more exciting.
15.  Ace Beaute Grandiose palette. This is another palette I got in boxycharm. I use it rarely. The color story is a bit tough for me to figure out what to do with. When I use it, I like it. It can go neutral or very warm but leans warm. I am glad I own it but it’s kind of forgettable.
16.  Too Faced christmas palette. I think this one has third tier status just because I’ve had very little time to play with it. In reality, the shadows are really good. They perform very well and all the looks I do with it come out great. I got this half-price well after the christmas season, one of the matte shadows came smashed, and returning it wasn’t an option, there were no palettes to trade it in for. I tried to repress it, but it didn’t really work. Out of all the palettes I’ve focused on, this is the one palette that is most likely to have the opportunity to move up in tiers. But I’d have to actually use it for that to happen.
17. Urban Decay Born to Run palette. Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly bought this palette for me, full price, for one of my birthdays. I’d wanted it so badly. I just craved this palette from the time it came out to the time I got it. Reality? It’s not that great a palette. And that makes me so sad. It has high sentimental value, and I should try to use it more, but I just haven’t been impressed at all, and that’s a complete bummer. It may only be in tier 3 for the sentimental value of it!

We’ve only two more tiers to go now, almost finished!

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