Quarantimes Part 3

This post is coming a little late, as our activities were done last weekend, but I had already written and scheduled so much other content, this was the first available day to get a post up. Ultimately that’s a far cry from what this blog had looked like recently, so I was delighted to just roll with it.

We decided that a fun activity to do would be dyeing eggs. Miss Butterfly picked up two kits while we were out, a tie-dye kit and a regular kit. The tie-dye kit was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed using it.


This had the added benefit of giving me something to eat during the day, as I had to be physically at work this past week. There are no more vendors allowed on campus, and I don’t want to bring back or spread anything in the hospital cafeteria. So, I try to stay in our building, and prior to this had been surviving on cereal and oatmeal and fruit during the day. Oatmeal for lunch gets old pretty fast, and this addition to my work diet was extremely welcome!


I used the remainder of the easter egg dyes to dye some plain grey wool from a fleece I processed ages ago. I am looking forward to hand carding these and then spinning them. It should be a fun little project! 2 years ago I worked hard at getting my dyed and undyed wool stash to a manageable level, moving stash into either ready to be spun status, or spun status. This bag has been hanging out waiting for something to happen to it, and I am thrilled I had the idea to dye this and move it into another part of my collection.

Plus, added bonus will be that once I find and drag out my hand cards, I should have more blog content, right?



One thought on “Quarantimes Part 3

  1. Good fun! And I am glad you have different food to eat. Packing a lunch and enough snacks can be challenging.

    The wool looks so pretty, can’t wait to read about its spinning and knitting!

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