Ranking All My Eyeshadows Tier 4

We are on to tier 4 shadows now, just a very few left.


Going right to left, top to bottom, we start with “palette” 18.

18.  These are 4 singles I paired together from a nyx advent calendar (2018). 2 shimmers and 2 mattes. They are actually pretty good little shadows and when I pick this quad up, I enjoy using it. They are drastically unexciting though.

19.  Below that are depotted morphe JH palette singles. They are mattes and they didn’t fit with the rest of my depotted shadows from that palette. They are kind of here in a holding pattern. Though I do pull this out when using stand alone single shadows in  my collection, as there are enough tones to do a full look when paired with a shimmer. The other tiny pan is a MUFE sample I received ages ago. Miss Butterfly likes it, and I wonder if I should just hand it over to her.

20. Too Faced White Peach. This palette has a very poor reputation and I can see why. However, it works just fine for me. I can get cool toned looks with it, and I also enjoy the peach colors. While I don’t pull it out often, it serves it’s purpose.

21. Maverick from Revlon. This was given to me by Miss Marja. It’s a surprisingly good little palette and when I use it, I get great warm toned looks. The major downfall of this palette is the pan size. They are so very narrow that I cannot use a makeup brush in there without accidentally picking up the shades next to the color I am going for. This can be infuriating.

And then I’ve got Too Faced chocolate bar and chocolate gold. I am not going to count these, as they are Miss Butterfly’s palettes. She just keeps them in my collection and lets me use them. I like them both well enough but the reason I don’t own them for myself is that I just don’t care too much about them. So, they sit in this tier 4 while also not being mine in the first place.

Only one tier left to go, my bottom rung palettes. I actually think that knowing which are bottom rung will be good, as I’ll be able to see what I can do to make those palettes as useful as possible, and then perhaps consider moving them out of my collection.