Ranking All My Eyeshadows Bottom Tier

This is the last palette ranking post, though I might dig out my stand alone single shadows and mention which tier I’d put them each in. But that’s a project for another day. Today I am just going to go through my bottom tier palettes.


Heading right to left and top to bottom.

22. This is a nyx happy birthday palette and I am not entirely sure where it came from. I believe that Miss Marja might have given it to Miss Butterfly and Miss Butterfly gave it to me because heavily warm leaning colors on her don’t look fantastic. This palette is in the bottom tier because it is tricksy. I’d say about half of the shadows in that palette are good and useable and wearable. But then there are a couple that are trash. And, sometimes I forget which are which, so I end up feeling betrayed by the palette. It stays in my collection because the good shadows are wearable but I don’t reach for it due to the frustration factor.

23 and 24. My BH Cosmetics zodiac palettes. The mattes are fantastic but no matter what I do, the baked shimmers crease on my eyes. I’ve tried everything. The creasing is so dramatic. Not only do they crease, but when they do, it’s like the color has moved off my lid and into my lines leaving entire patches of color that no longer exist. I just can’t understand it! It’s too frustrating. Again, the mattes are absolutely gorgeous and work so well. But I just get so frustrated by the shimmers. This might be another I depot, keeping the mattes and tossing the shimmers. But for now, they are fine as is.

25. This little depotted shadow container is the colorful pieces of the morphe JH palette as well as a few others mixed in. I don’t think any of these are particularly great shadows despite being fun and colorful. I am not sure what to say about it except they live in my collection and I open them up from time to time to see what they are, then quickly put them away again.

26.  This is a little pacifica palette. The green I wanted to love but it looks exactly like a healing bruise on my face, so I don’t use it. The other shadows work fine. But since I have a lot of other warm and orange toned shadows, I rarely use it.

27. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette. When I originally got this I really liked it. But, the reality is that it gives me the same look over and over no matter which shadow in the palette I use. I may work toward using up the matte white as a setting powder for a primer and then move it out of my collection. I think if I want super cool tones, I am pretty happy to use the white peach palette instead.

And that’s it. I’ve amassed quite a collection over the past couple of years. Thankfully I am at the point where I feel like I’ve got all I need and am not super motivated to get any more. I do love most of what I have, and I do wear even these bottom tier palettes pretty often. I try to rotate my collection regularly so that everything gets use. And I’ve already moved out shadows that I actively dislike. I don’t bother to try to hit pan in anything that isn’t a setting shade because this makes me concentrate too much on one particular palette and I don’t like doing that. In the future I might mess around with the idea of an eyeshadow roulette project again, but with the current situation and makeup use in general being way down, I am going to let it be for now.

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