Quarantimes Part 4

I did it again, wrote and scheduled too many posts so that now this post from the weekend is coming at you on a Tuesday.

We had a really low key weekend. I guess most people are having a low key weekend. But, I really made a point of it. We are increasing our hunkering down even though our state doesn’t have full lock down restrictions. We are limiting the number of household folks going to the dog park. One per dog is sufficient. Since Miss Butterfly doesn’t get out much these days, I sent her with Mr. Ink on Sunday. I missed seeing the dogs have a great time, but I did rather enjoy the house to myself, I made myself lunch and napped in the sun. It was lovely. I am sure I’ll get to see the dogs play during the course of the week.

One crafty project I did get to start is working with the easter egg dyed wool locks. I decided to go the “old fashioned” route and hand card them. This has proved to be a good decision for these locks.


These rolags are soft and fluffy. I am only giving them two passes on the hand cards as I had flick carded them all prior to dyeing them and they are already in great shape. Basically, hand carding them just puts them in a form that I can use and keeps them nice and consistent looking.

I am fortunate to be able to work from home this upcoming week. We’ll see what happens this week, I am wondering if our state illness numbers go up dramatically, we will then see a statewide lockdown, keeping me at home more.

The one thing I noticed in the previous time period I worked from home (only 3 days) was that I had a tendency to work way MORE than I would if I were at work. Instead of my proper shift, I was signing on about 45 minutes ahead of schedule, working through my lunch break, and then staying signed on about an hour after my scheduled shift ended. I think it’s because I couldn’t quite figure out what to do during those time periods. I am fortunate that Mr. Ink comes home for lunch and generally makes me lunch as well. So, food prep in any manner wasn’t a thing I had to worry about. I am always up early and since I wasn’t commuting, I spent my commute time working.

I would like to change that up this week. And because of that, I am going to bring back something I used to do ages ago on this blog, accountability lists. Here’s what I want to accomplish this week.

  1. ┬áDon’t work during time off.
  2. Wash windows outside.
  3. Deep clean bathroom.
  4. Rearrange living room furniture.
  5. Begin deep cleaning bedroom.
  6. Get items I need to finish painting garage window frames.
  7. Bake bread.
  8. Bake dog treats.

I think that’s about sufficient for a week of full time work as well. But, I think it’s fair to expect that I could rattle off a number of these things in those times I would previously be commuting or taking a break at work. I did not include anything at all about crafts, as I find that crafty stuff continues on no matter what in the background, and I don’t want to stress over any crafting at all right now.

I will do an update over the weekend or early next week indicating which items I was able to accomplish. Making a list feels really nice at the moment. Soothing even.