Pan Those Eyeshadows Roulette

A couple years ago I decided to do a project where I’d randomly choose eyeshadows and wear them together, forcing myself to make creative looks and choices. I am not sure how long that project actually lasted, but it was creative. I think one of the major reasons I quit it was that I was often choosing colors that I really did not want to wear.

I knocked that off and just went back to wearing whatever shadows I wanted to wear and attempting to rotate through my entire collection regularly.

I have the hankering to again work on a roulette-style project. Much like those on youtube, I’ll be choosing shadows using a random number generator and attempting to use them until I hit pan on them. Once pan is hit, a new color will be rolled in through a random number generator.

One rule I plan to employ is that if I have gone 3 months with a color AND used it more than 30 times and still not hit pan on it, I can roll it out and choose a new color. I will be tracking my usage.

I went through all my shadows and numbered them, but I left out anything that I truly didn’t want to hit pan in. Super dark colors, particularly black, are off the table completely. Colors that I find extremely difficult to use in a palette because they are just crap shades I also did not include. No pressed glitters either. But I have left in dark shades, exciting shades, bold shades, etc. I didn’t want to make it too terribly easy on myself. The idea is to be creative.

Then I pulled 6 colors, here they are swatched:


The bottom 4 all go pretty nicely together, as do the top 3. I only pulled two matte colors and they don’t really go together so I’ll likely be using other mattes as well.

So, what did I pick? From top to bottom:

The green shimmer (satin?) shade in my NYX happy birthday palette. It is unnamed.

A Sydney Grace matte called Token, this one is a single shadow.

A lovely duochrome color from Violet Voss Sugar Crystals palette called Sugar Crystals. It’ll make a fantastic inner corner highlight as well as a nice topper, I am so excited to play with it, but am a bit nervous as I am not sure I want to hit pan on it!

2 colors from my Colourpop Bye Bye Birdie palette, Nevermore and Heron Chic. I am rather excited about this, as I’ve not played with this palette much yet and it’s exciting to be able to concentrate on it.

From my Too Faced holiday palette, I chose Make a Wish.

Here’s a picture of the shadows in their palettes. I attempted to circle the colors in the project, that went poorly but you’ll get the idea. As yo ucan see, they are mostly unused, so it’s going to be a stretch to get these to show pan in the course of 3 months I suspect.


I am really looking forward to this. I’ve got a berry-toned color selection and a warmer toned color selection. I am eager to get some good use out of all these colors and see where I can get with them. For the record, I am starting now and calling April a full month. I’ve also decided that just because I sometimes work from home doesn’t mean I have to fully quit wearing makeup. If I want to wear it and find the application of it relaxing, I can do it anyhow. In fact, perhaps it’s a great time to really experiment. I’ll just keep up with my vow to continue upping my skincare mask game as well.

I don’t think I am going to be too eager to post looks with this combo, but if I run across one I particularly like, I’ll make sure to grab a selfie.