Quarantimes Part 9

This is my last full work from home week I believe. I doubt we’ll get a further stay home order, so we will go back to dividing my team in half and then rotating one week on and one week work from home.

Here’s the list I was working off of last week, let’s see what I managed to accomplish.

  1. Don’t work during off hours
  2. Make dog treats
  3. Bake bread
  4. Start prepping craft room for painting. Get started if possible.
    1. I actually fully finished painting the craft room, gave it a deep clean, and put it all back together. Pics of that below.
  5. Move fridge to paint behind, finishing the kitchen.
  6. Clean fridge.
  7. Bring spring clothing upstairs, move winter clothes to basement.

So, all in all, I did pretty well even though I did not get to the bread baking.

I don’t have a finished object to show off today, though I did finish a project. I will have that up shortly. But I do have a little photo of one wall of my craft room. It looked like this with boring white walls.


It’s fine, but I felt like I could be improved. I wanted to inject warmth and color into this room. I wanted to use the picture on the wall and the florals on the daybed to choose my color, and so I ended up with a light adobe color, or perhaps a terra cotta? I don’t think I am great about describing color. But, it is definitely warmer now.


On Sunday I had decided I was going to fully complete the painting of this room. I moved what furniture I could out into the hall, blocking the hallway except for just being able to squeeze by everything. I got two coats of paint on the wall during the day and then woke up early Monday morning in order to be able to remove tape and get furniture back into the room before I started working from home.

Except…as I began to remove the tape, I realized that the edges weren’t looking as rich in color as the rest of the walls. So, I stopped everything and did the thing I hate the most, which is work from the living room. During my lunch hour, I grabbed my painting clothes again and did all the edges. I took an early break so that the prerequisite 4 hours drying time would be complete by the time I stopped working for the day. After I was done working I pulled the tape, cleaned the floors up again, and moved all my furniture back in. That means that today I get to have my first work from home day in this lovely newly painted warm room.

Other things from this past week, we attended an online wedding! We were supposed to be traveling to a wedding last week. The bride and groom had already been engaged for more than a year, I remember them getting engaged prior to our wedding last year. When the virus hit, they ended up postponing the wedding until next year. But, then they decided they still wanted to get married on their original wedding date. They were able to get an officiant and have a zoom wedding. We all got dressed up to attend.


Our hair is too long and needs a cut, all of us. But really, everyone is in the same boat. The wedding went very well, there were toasts and a best man speech and tears for the couple, and much celebration. The bride even made her own little wedding cake, as none could be delivered. It might not be how they expected to start their married life, but it will absolutely be memorable for them!

Now on to this week’s list.

  1. Don’t work during off hours.
  2. Bake bread (Like really, DO THIS!)
  3. Teach Miss Butterfly how to make yogurt.
  4. Hang decorative hooks for dog leashes.
  5. Get one piece of peel and stick wallpaper hung in the kitchen in order to make a decision about it.
  6. Start plying the singles that were spun before interior painting projects began.

That’s it for me this week. It’s already Tuesday and I haven’t started any of this, so the week’s list looks doable as it currently is.

How is everyone holding up? I know it’s a weird and hard time right now. For us, it depends on the day. Some days are beginning to feel kind of….normal? Though I think that’s because I’ve insisted on being quite busy. The improvement in weather around here has been extremely good, it was a lot harder on us all when the early spring weather looked more like winter.



4 thoughts on “Quarantimes Part 9

  1. J > I remember, as a child, my mother resolving to redecorate the dining room. She’d just bought (with money from having qualified and starting work as a teacher) a huge Welsh dresser (by Ercol – fantastic quality) that would be the feature of the long wall opposite the door into the dining room. Whilst all other walls were painted in a creamy white, that feature wall was painted in a colour she said was called ‘Tangerine’. I remember it exactly as in your photo! It made the room feel warm and inviting, yet also fresh and modern! Tangerine!

    • Tangerine, that’s a great description of the color, thank you! I decided to look up welsh dressers by ercol, just so I could picture one in front of a tangerine wall. I bet it really did look fantastic! I actually have a mid century modern dining room dresser in my craft room, I use it to store wool/handknits/sewing notions and so on. So, I actually have your mom’s vibe going on in the craft room. 🙂

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