Partners in Cream Update 4

It’s the 10th of the month, so it’s time for a partners in cream project pan update. I appreciate that I was able to make some progress on my items this month. Here’s where I was last month:


I had rolled out the contour palette and finished the bare minerals primer. I also knew I’d finish the Skin & Co facial spray (I did, it was in yesterday’s empty post).

Here’s where I am now:


Now, I’d rolled in the no poreblem primer last month assuming I’d be wearing a lot of powder foundation. The thing is, I actually found that I was using the powder foundation as a topper at work when the masks wore off the foundation on my nose. So, I didn’t really get as much use out of it as I had anticipated. I do plan to experiment with this a little more this month, so I am leaving it in the project. If I don’t make much progress over the upcoming month, I’ll roll it back out and find something else.

The Becca Backlight primer has gotten a lot of use, I really made some solid progress on this.

I made only the tiniest bit of progress on my facial spray, mostly because the vast majority of the month I was finishing up the previous one. We will get a better idea of how far I can go in a month next update.

I am using the it cosmetics matte cc cream quite a bit. I appreciate that it has spf, so on the days I am working from home I am extra protected from the sun when I walk the dogs at lunchtime.

And finally, I am adding a product. It’s really 3, but these are 3 perfume samples that are pretty close to being done. I’d been saving the black opium one for the April wedding we were to attend. Since that didn’t happen, I think I’ll just use it and get it out of my collection. I also have a chanel and a ralph lauren, both of which I like well enough but wouldn’t purchase. I expect it’ll take me 2 months to finish up, as I tend to rotate my perfumes this year. Last year I’d concentrate on one in particular until it was gone, but this year I want variety, and I’ve been getting that even though it takes me longer to use each item up.

In any case, quite decent progress on each item this month, I am looking forward to seeing how the month goes. I am in the office more now, so I have more reasons to wear makeup, but I have really been wearing it regularly anyhow.

3 thoughts on “Partners in Cream Update 4

  1. Great progress on all of your items! The earliest that Ill get to go back to work is june 29th as that is when daycares are set to reopen in MA which is wierd bc they plan on opening the state on May 18th. Cannt really open up if there are no daycare and child care programs allowed to open.

    Anywho, I should grab my IT cosmetics Matte CC cream to use up. I bought a deluxe size during a Sephora sale. I tried my hourglass samples and realized that I dislike high coverage caked on foundation. Hoping the IT is more natural.

    • Since you mentioned not loving heavy foundation, I thought “let me try mixing my matte cc cream with a much lighter foundation.” I did so today, it is much improved. Of course, I am sure I’ve completely ruined the spf that way, but yeah-you may end up wanting to mix it with a lighter foundation, that went really well for me.

      I think it must be the case that gov’t administrations are just floundering and not fully thinking through their date decisions. Or, who knows, maybe not. I guess if you keep all the moms home with their kids, it’s a soft reopening. (But an unfair one too!) We will see how it all plays out.

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