A Big Reveal

It’s about as fantastic a project I could ever knit, let alone on a year I really haven’t knit much at all.

I’ve kept it quiet, but I did the westknits mystery shawl this year, titled Slipstravaganza. I finished last weekend and managed to get the blocking done this week.

I used almost a full 4 balls of sockweight yarn for this. That’s as much knitting as any sweater.

The details were intricate.

I added a final blue stripe to the border beyond the 6 stripes written in the pattern. I wanted to have a little more blue making an appearance. I managed to finish the final blue row with just a yard of yarn left. It was a nail biter.

This is one of those knits that looks harder than it is. On the other hand, I did learn a lot of great techniques. I am so pleased to have knit this shawl! It was a delight and honestly, I’d do it all over again.

9 thoughts on “A Big Reveal

  1. I just love yours! I am way behind you as I was caught up in the Casapinka MKALs too and got to Slipstravaganza late, but I am finally in Clue 3 getting ready to knit those triangles. I think that this is one of the best WestKnits projects I’ve seen.

    • Thank you!! I agree, this one might be his best mystery knit yet. And I’ve done quite a few of them. The only other one I’ve thought I would knit a second time is the marled one. And that’s only because it uses up leftover yarn so well. This one is really rewarding and beautiful.

      • I haven’t done one of his MKALs before because I struggle with committing yarn to something that I might not like. I have gone on and knitted a couple of them after the event was over. I made the Marled Magic sweater and just love it! I can see myself making it again because I have so much left over yarn in the stash that I could use up making another one. I may need to make another Slipstravaganza too…

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