A Small Reveal

Here’s the thing. I am doing a lot of knitting right now. Quite frankly, we are in quarantine after my daughter tested covid positive. Don’t worry-none of us are particularly ill. I still don’t know if I even have it, and Mr. Ink has been the sickest but we don’t have his test results either. We are the classic case of thinking “are we or aren’t we, no couldn’t be, better get tested anyhow” and then being extremely surprised when Miss Butterfly tested positive.

I’ve got a little extra time on my hands. Our foster got adopted about 2 weeks ago. Right before that, Rose, our coonhound, somehow managed to tear open a hole in the side of her body needing stitches. So, all our many weekly dog park trips came to a sudden halt. Giving me more time. Then the day Rose was to get her stitches out, we found out at Miss Butterfly tested positive, so in the end, we had to take Rose’s stitches out ourselves, because we couldn’t go to the vet. So we also can’t go to the dog park, leaving us, again, with loads of extra time on our hands.

I’ve continued knitting. After yesterday’s big reveal I felt the need for a palate cleanser. Thick yarn, easy pattern. 1×1 rib seemed perfect. And, I had a skein of Miss Marja’s handspun that would precisely do the trick.

This resulted in a very fast and very pretty squishy scarf. As soon as that was done, I was on to my next project, which is a post for another day.

5 thoughts on “A Small Reveal

    • Thank you! And best wishes for your mom as well, I am sure her recovery is now an ongoing process with other conditions. Despite the fact that we’ve been fortunate to have really mild versions, we promise never to minimize the danger of this virus for all those who struggle so much more than we have. We’ve been fortunate. We know that and are grateful. Soooo many others have been far less fortunate.

      • Thank you! She has fully recovered from Covid. It took her 2 months, but her medical conditions brought on by Covid remain. It actually gave her a brain bleed that doctors though was a stroke. It really is no joke. I am so happy that you all have a mild version. Hopefully, after your recovery, you will not suffer any sudden medical conditions that you didn’t have before. It is scary how you can be super safe and still get the virus. I avoided a close call myself as a teacher I worked with came down positive. The rest of the room of us (3 of us) were negative, but the school district never told the parents they were exposed because the rest of us were negative.

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