Rolling Project Pan update #11

It’s time for a little project pan update, the only project I am still working on right now. This is the one where I use prompts to help me choose items to pan rolling style. I am going to keep after this, I’ll not end it this year, continuing into the new year. I’ll keep listing the prompts I have completed crossed off and adding in the next prompt as I get to it.

1.  A product with cute packaging
2.  An expensive product
3.  A product in loose form
4.  A drugstore product
5.  A product I bought because of youtube
6.  An old favorite
7.  A product you haven’t used in a while.
8. A product of your choosing
9. A product from a previous project.
10. A unique product
11. A product you don’t like
12. A product you bought online.
13. A product you received as a gift.
14. A product you’d recommend to anyone.
15. A product you haven’t used much.

And here’s last month’s photo:

And this month!:

4. A drugstore product is sill my nyx eyebrow pencil. I’ll be using this forever it seems. But I am making progress!

6. An old favorite is my hula bronzer, I used it all month but I am not entirely sure it shows.

12. a product I bought online is my UD eyeliner, the bronzy one. I have hardly used it this month but it did get sharpened once.

13. The product I received as a gift is my UD born to run eyeshadow palette and I have hit pan in the lower left hand corner shade. I am also pleased to have used this palette quite a bit overall. It looks used, while it did not before. But it gets rolled out now.

14. A product I’d recommend to anyone is my colourpop supershock shadow, and my goal was to hit pan, which I did. I am still using this but I can roll it out now.

15. A product I haven’t used much is my mac powder, and since it’s a baked item, it’s pretty hard to see any progress. I have been using it! But I really don’t need a lot at a time.

So, I need to roll in two new items.

16. a Product You Regret Buying-I’ve chosen my catrice foundation. Or rather, Miss Butterfly’s catrice foundation. The color is too light for me. She says it makes her face itchy. So that’s why it came to me. And that’s why I regret purchasing it. I’ve added a progress line, though much of it went into my other catrice foundation, my own color, which is slightly too dark on me. Now I want to see if I can use this one as a mixer for other foundations that are slightly too dark and use it up that way. This is a great time of the year to try that, as I am at my lightest.

17. A product out of your comfort zone-I’ve chosen a liquid eyeliner, eyeco brand, as this is best suited for a winged eyeliner, which I do not do. I am going to try to concentrate on it anyhow, but not with a wing. I’ve got a number of liquid liners and it would be good to go through a few in my collection.

With the items I have in the project this month I highly doubt I’ll be able to finish any and roll in anything new next month. All of these seem like longer term items to work on. I think I’ll do my best to concentrate on the copper eyeliner to see if that could be the one I get to roll out next month. The goal on that seems like it might be easiest to hit. We’ll see! Nevertheless, this is the project I am most enjoying out of all the projects I created for myself this year. Happy Panning!

2 thoughts on “Rolling Project Pan update #11

  1. I am thinking of doing this in the new year. I want to use up 21 makeup products and what better way than doing this type of project pan. I love reading your posts and seeing all of your progress. I am happy you are enjoying it so much. It gives me hope that I won’t get bored of this project and end it. Any hints on how to keep on with a project pan? Do you have a blog post on the topic that I missed? You are such a positive inspiration in my life right now. You made me pick up a beginner kit of hook looming!

    • I haven’t ever made a post about how to keep up with one, but the biggest thing for me, I think, is to give myself a nice combo of long term items and items with fairly easily achievable goals. One item (like my hula bronzer) might take me all year, while others are a couple of months. That way I can be constantly rolling new items while also concentrating on a few long term goals. It would be so boring to me (and the reader) if I filled my project with 6 long term goals that I spent all year on.

      I also really find that keeping it to 5 or 6 items across a broad range of categories helps. If I were trying to pan 2 blushes, I’d get frustrated and make little progress on both. If I were trying to pan a full face (and I’ve done this!) I will get bored with the same items being used across the board every day.

      Right now I’ve got two eyeliners in this project and I am already like “What was I thinking?!?!”

      I am so glad to hear about your hook looming kit! That sounds like so much fun! And thank you for the lovely compliments, it means so much since I’ve not been too inspired about blogging recently at all.

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