Advent Season day 2

It’s day two and this time I am on time with day 2. I somehow missed posting day 1 until this morning.

In any case, Here’s what we’ve got going on today. In homemade makeup calendar, my daughter chose my e.l.f primer. That’s good because I did not save myself a primer when I gave her almost all my makeup! But it’s also a little boring, so I grabbed a photo of the eyeshadow palette I used as well, which is my tarte be a mermaid and make waves palette. As you can see, it’s one of the most used and most loved palettes in my collection, and that’s why I chose to keep it out when I gave her the rest of my makeup for the calendar.

The dogs make an appearance as well, as they both got an advent calendar of dog treats too!

And the christmas ball? I finished that too, here it is:

Very pretty, kind of looks like a ribbon wrapped around the middle

Guess what? While my covid test hasn’t come back yet, I am done with quarantine and get to go back to the office tomorrow. I am sure my test will also come back tomorrow. I have no symptoms and certainly feel better this week than I did last week. My daughter gets to go back to school tomorrow and my husband is on the mend though out from work the remainder of this week. And that’s great, because I’ve got staff members with positive spouses right now who need assistance navigating that water, and it’ll be helpful if I can get back to work. But thank goodness I had to navigate it first I guess? I mean, it’s best for the person in charge to be the guinea pig

And what else? I finished the pair of mittens. These are a test knit, the pattern is called Night Mitts, and the pattern will be available mid-December.

The yarn is Miss Marja’s handspun, and I ended up having enough to do another pair of mittens. Which I totally plan to do.

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