Her Final Form

Last week, our foster dog finished up her time with stitches and had them removed on Friday.

Ultimately, the eye, or lack thereof, healed so well! While we, as humans, are so reluctant to make hard decisions like eye removal or amputations, the reality is that the dogs generally just adjust really well to losing the body part that caused them pain or problems. Our foster dog healed beautifully from this surgery, was clearly way more comfortable after the surgery, and is so happy to be healed up and ready to play.

On Saturday morning, despite cold and snow, we headed off to deliver her to her final home. She gained a family who loves her as she always deserved and are committed to any medical care her buckshot may bring up in the future. She also gains two dog brothers, both of whom she fell in love with very quickly. This adoption felt particularly serendipitous, I felt like I was delivering her new mom her heart dog.

The house was so quiet with her gone, it’s always a deafening quiet when we let them go and I always feel a little off that day. I’ve learned just to take it kind of easy on myself. But her new mom has kept in touch and I’ve seen lots of great pictures of her being loved by all members of the family, and that makes it easier.

I’d say this foster and the previous little jack russell mix have been my favorite foster dogs, but really, we’ve had 5 now and there were only 2 that I wasn’t completely taken with. And even those two I liked just fine, they were great dogs! So, the reality may be that the vast majority of foster dogs will be my favorite.

And on that note, we chose our next foster before letting go of this one. It’s healing to know who we will be bringing in when we let one go. We only had one week break between the little jack russell and the one above. This time we’ll have 2 weeks if all goes to plan. Maybe more if all does not go to plan.

Here she is! Another presumably black mouth cur mix. She’s heartworm positive but being treated in the rescue she’s with now, so we won’t have to manage too much of that care. Doesn’t she have the biggest eyes?! She is said to be about 2 years old and 35 pounds so she should fit our home quite well. She’s coming up from the same rescue that all our other fosters came up from, because why mess with something that is going well? We’ve had really great foster dogs from that rescue.

So, that’s our big weekend update, another beautiful and kind dog placed with a loving family and really, that’s a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Her Final Form

  1. We had a cat years ago who had to have an eye removed (he wandered into our yard with an infected eye). He really did do just fine! He occasionally had depth perception issues, but he got around just fine and was a very sweet-natured boy.

    • This foster dog seemed to be seeing so much better without the eye. I suspect she had some very limited sight she was trying to work around. Once it came out, she was catching balls right out of the air, so I was surprised to realize she wasn’t having any depth perception issues at all! (She did bang that side of her face on furniture a lot, but that will ease as she learns to look around before she runs around.)

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