Another Foster Dog

When I last talked about our foster dog journey, we had a very perfect little dog who didn’t stay with us long at all, and I talked about taking a little break since we had a bit of a trip coming up. Well, it didn’t work out that way. There was a return of a 2 year old dog adopted out as a puppy. She wasn’t a dramatic case, she’d been loved well but her owner was moving to NYC and didn’t want an active dog to suffer in a tiny apartment.

She’s a boxer lab mix and she is indeed very active. Also puppy like though not destructive and perfectly potty trained.

She’s utterly ball obsessed and will entertain herself beautifully for as long as we’ll let her. She also LOVES the dog park. And she’s very smart which makes getting her the training and manners she needs so much easier.

Our taking her in was borne out of need for our rescue rather than us choosing her and waiting for her to come in. She needed a place to land and we were able to provide it.

The biggest trouble is that she and our dogs do not get along. This is not their fault, each dog on their own is a fantastic dog. But the combo of personalities doesn’t work. I think our smaller dogs are a big intimidated by her puppy like energy in a big body. I am sure it was bound to happen at some point, and we were probably lucky it didn’t happen until our 7th foster. But we are over a week in and things have gotten progressively worse rather than better. As much as we love her we do hope she’ll find a new home soon!

Thankfully if she doesn’t find a home I do have another foster home lined up for her to stay with while we are away. We are glad for the support of other homes, making sure our rescue is a village of help to get these dogs homes.

One thought on “Another Foster Dog

  1. Oh you are so good. I think of fostering . But Fireman is just not at all supportive of that. We do have 4 amazing cats.
    But I think a foster is a great thing. Keep up the wonderful work.

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