Foster Pup

We have some pretty good news about our most recent foster!

This pretty girl ended up being adopted by Miss Butterfly’s dad and step mom! I’ll tell you a little about it.

When she arrived at our house, it turned out that our dogs didn’t seem to like her too much. She’s big and bouncy and they seemed to be threatened by that and couldn’t understand her. We learned how to maneuver this situation using baby gates and kennels in order to keep all 3 dogs safe and happy. It was a challenge this round. Foster dog was really a joy though, and one day Miss Butterfly’s dad came over to pick her up. Foster dog was out in the main area of the house chasing balls all around the room as she does to entertain herself. Miss Butterfly’s dad just….fell in love! He texted his wife photos and videos, and she showed up at the next meet and greet to meet our foster dog. They put in an application and it was accepted!

I was very nervous about the dog intro, they have an old black lab who is ball obsessed and fetch obsessed but not playful or interested in other dogs. He likes having other dogs around but doesn’t show signs of playing with them. Since foster dog didn’t really get on with our dogs I was quite concerned that maybe she wouldn’t get on with their old dog. On the other hand, I thought, he is significantly larger than her so unlikely to find her bouncy energy intimidating.

Well, she went over there last night to meet him. And what happened? They immediately started playing together. Her bouncy energy brought out the young playful dog in him and he bounced and played and fetched with her all over the yard. Then they went inside and played tug together and ball keep away from each other. They got on as if they were always meant to be together much to my surprise and delight!

So, in the end, she just stayed at their house. I got all the adoption paperwork completed and left a bunch of goodies with them and we snuck out while former foster dog and new family got to know each other.

It’s very exciting that she’s still “with us” in some way. We’ll likely get to see her, get to hang out at the dog park with her, etc as sometimes we’d already do that with their old dog. And I am really glad that this bouncy fun dog ended up in an active home that will keep her playing fetch all evening. A fairy tale ending!

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