Foster # 8!

Here’s our latest foster dog, she arrived Saturday evening. She’s a corgi mix and has the corgi long body and stub tail. What is she mixed with? No clue. But she is adorable, sweet, playful, and entirely engaging. We love her! She has made easy friends with our dogs and fits in very well. She’s said to be about 2 years old which I think is a pretty fair assessment.

But even more amazing, to me, is that we’ve got our 8th foster LESS THAN A YEAR after beginning to foster dogs! I think the longest a foster has stayed with us is around 2 months and that’s generally because there’s some sort of medical issue we are mitigating. But by and large we don’t have them all that long, they keep flying right back into forever homes!

Of the 8:

-3 were heartworm positive and went through treatment.
-8 were female
-7 were from louisiana
-1 was a returned dog originally from louisiana as a puppy-so technically all 8 were from louisiana
-1 had surgery to remove her eye
-2 spay surgeries in our care the rest were done before they arrived
-They ranged from 15 pounds to 60 pounds, but generally are around 30 pounds.
-Only 2 (and maybe 3, jury’s still out on the current one) were properly potty trained before our care.
-The youngest we’ve had was probably 10 months to a year, the oldest said to be around 3. Mostly they are one or two years old.
-Our resident dogs have taken a liking to 7, the only one they didn’t like was the 60 pounder.
-I only ever had to say no to one applicant after the home visit, 7 were placed in the first home that wanted them.
-1 had puppies come into rescue with her-but I am pretty sure 4 were mamma dogs at one time in their past.

I doubt we’ll get a 9th dog before our first full year of fostering, 8 will probably be it for year 1. I plan to email the family of our first foster dog on the year date, we don’t hear from her and I would love to know how she’s doing.

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