A to Z project pan update #2

Last update was March 25 and we are into May now, so I think it’s time for another update. Mostly because I had finished the IT cosmetics cc cream I had depotted into a tiny container and I want to wash the container for other products needing to be depotted.

A: Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. The goal is to finish. (No usage in the first month, 2 uses in this update, not shown as it’s residing at work right now.)
B: ABH Sultry palette Bloom-goal is to hit pan. (2 uses this month, with 4 uses total)
C: ABH Sultry Palette Cinder-goal is to hit pan. (4 uses this month and total)
D: ABH Sultry Palette Dystopian-goal is to hit pan. (6 uses this month with 9 uses total)
E: ABH Sultry Palette Ember-goal is to hit pan. (No use this month, 1 use total)
F: ABH Sultry Palette Fresh-goal is to hit pan. (7 uses this month with 11 uses total)
G: Grace & Stella Spray all Day Rose Spray-goal is to finish. (26 uses, with 50 uses total)
H: Pur Highlighter-goal is to use up. (23 uses this month with 37 uses total)
I: IT Cosmetics CC cream-Goal is to finish. (9 uses to finish, so a total 24 uses in the project.)
J: Elf Jellypop primer-goal is to finish. (14 uses with 30 uses total)

Last month

K: Kilian princess sample-goal is to finish.
L: Estee Lauder Doublewear-goal is to finish. (no usage)
M:Tarte palette Mermosa-goal is to hit pan. (7 uses with 14 uses total)
N: Tarte palette Nude Beach-goal is to hit pan. (8 uses with 16 uses total)
O: C.Y.O Lifeproof foundation-goal is to finish. (13 uses with 29 total to finish)
P: ABH Sultry Palette Pearl-goal is to hit pan. (14 uses with 24 uses total)
Q: Tarte blush color Quirky-goal is to hit pan. (17 uses with 34 uses total)
R: Rom&nd bronzer: goal is to hit pan. (25 uses with 47 uses total)
S: ABH Sultry Palette Steamunk-goal is to hit pan. (2 uses with 6 total uses)
T: ABH Sultry Palette Twig-goal is to hit pan. (6 uses with 11 total uses)

Last month
This month

U: Urban Decay Eye Primer-goal is to finish. (19 uses with 37 total uses)
V: Urban Decay eyeliner in Voodoo-goal is to use past the 24/7. (10 uses with 20 total uses)
W: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation-goal is to finish. (4 uses total)
X: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes (soft and sexy) eyeshadow palette use up In The Buff eyeshadow. (8 uses with a total of 29 uses)
Y: NYX eyeshadow pan (at the bottom of the black eyeshadow palette) goal is to use up. (10 uses for a total of 13 uses)
Z: BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette-goal is to hit pan on the matte Virgo shade. (7 uses for a total of 12 uses)

Last month


I’ve now finished 3 goals out of the original 26. I have not hit any pan on any of the many eyeshadows in the project. Then again, I didn’t really expect to. I’ve not been concentrating on any one thing in particular. Instead I’ve been mostly trying to divide my use between all of the shadows plus use items in the rest of my collection. I did increase the pan in the highlighter that I am looking to use up. By next update I expect to be done with the Grace and Stella facial spray and I think it’s likely I’ll also be done with the Urban Decay eye primer. Other than that, I am just plugging away at this project and really having a pretty nice go of it. It’s nice to have a focus on certain items in my collection while also giving myself the room to play with other items when I am feeling bored.

So that’s a wrap, 2 months in, 3 items finished, a few more getting close, and a lot of plugging away on the horizon.

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