Makeup depotting and repressing

While I am not sharing empties and purchases anymore, and I’ve got only one specific project pan running, I am still using up other makeup!

Last year I worked most of the year on a travel size of the Benefit Hoola bronzer. While I did not choose to keep using it for my A-Z project pan, I’ve been using it on the downlow and making good progress. Such good progress in fact that it was getting pretty hard to use.

The Hoola bronzer is on the left and since it’s a pretty small pan I just don’t have good product pick up on a brush anymore. I’d been meaning to repress it to the middle of the pan for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to it. But then I got to thinking about Benefit’s new release, Hoola Glow bronzer. I admit that while not a lot of new makeup releases sound particularly interesting to me at this point, that one did! Then I got to thinking about a pan of Pur bronzer I had depotted out of a palette ages ago. I used it a lot during the summer last year but it’s a bit dark, very glowy, and I can really only get away with it during the summer. I thought that maybe I could do a little experiment. The amount of bronzer I have left of the hoola is so small that if my experiment didn’t work, it really doesn’t matter. I figured I’d take my hoola matte and give it a bit of glow.

Originally I’d considered adding a highlighter to it but I think a glowy bronzer is better. So, I removed all the bronzer from the hoola travel size and put it in a small bowl. At that point I decided I didn’t need the packaging either, I really don’t have much product left, so I depotted the pan and recycled the plastic packaging. Then, I scraped some of the glowy pur bronzer into the bowl as well. I crushed both products and mixed them up really well then added a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the bowl. Once mixed in with the bronzer mixture, I pressed it into the hoola pan I had left.

On the left is my new hoola bronzer glowified, and on the right is the scraped pan of glowy pur bronzer.

I did have an opportunity to use my new to me hoola bronzer this morning and rather appreciated it, so the experiment was a success. I have new enthusiasm for a product that has taken me well over a year to finish and I’ve managed to remind myself that I don’t need a new glowy bronzer. If I could do it all over again, I would have left the pan in the packaging. After all, I quite liked how this turned out and could have made my own glowy bronzer using my full size Hoola bronzer and more of the glowy pur bronzer, nicely pressed into tidy packaging. But, I suspect I thought my experiment would fail so I didn’t have the foresight. In the end, I wouldn’t consider this a fail at all!

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