The Quick Long Project

Hi all, I am back again today with another finished object, who would have known?

I started this one row scarf ages ago, it’s Miss Marja’s handspun and it’s a pretty bulky yarn. You would think it would be a very quick project, maybe a week or two worth of work. And yet, I started it at the beginning of February and only just finished last weekend.

Because it sat at work, and I didn’t knit on it more than a few rows here and there. There was a point at which I realized that I was close to finishing, and that was the point I brought it home and finished within an evening.

Anyhow, that’s that, I don’t have much more to say about this squishy scarf that took me far too long to knit!

3 thoughts on “The Quick Long Project

  1. It is amazing. I LOVE your scarf. I have a lot to say about it. How great it is. Someones going to really really love it. The colors, the pattern!
    Hey Iknow you are working with rescue, but I wondered if you ever thought of puppy raising for Leader dogs?

    • We don’t do puppies. We only foster rescues that are over a year old. Without a fenced yard, puppy raising is extremely difficult. Also since I have my own dog doing more intensive training, (for flyball) I wouldn’t have the time to devote to it. But I admire those who do!

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