A to Z project pan update #4

I have really enjoyed not doing monthly updates on this project pan, rather getting one posted when it feels like I’ve made enough progress to talk about. Things are going pretty well, steady progress but still feeling like I can sometimes enjoy creatively using other makeup in my collection.

This month

A: Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. This is finished, but I forgot to save the empty container. (21 uses this update, total uses 40.)
B: ABH Sultry palette Bloom-goal is to hit pan. (2 uses this update, with 9 uses total)
C: ABH Sultry Palette Cinder-goal is to hit pan. (3 uses this update and 8 total)
D: ABH Sultry Palette Dystopian-goal is to hit pan. (9 uses this update with 28 uses total)
E: ABH Sultry Palette Ember-goal is to hit pan. (No use this update, 1 use total)
F: ABH Sultry Palette Fresh-goal is to hit pan. (13 uses this update with 36 uses total)
G: Grace & Stella Spray all Day Rose Spray-goal is to finish. (17uses, with 67 uses total and now used up)
H: Pur Highlighter-goal is to use up. (30 uses this update with 90 uses total)
I: IT Cosmetics CC cream-Goal is to finish. (9 uses to finish, so a total 24 uses in the project.)
J: Elf Jellypop primer-goal is to finish. (22 uses this update with 64 uses total)
L: Estee Lauder Doublewear-goal is to finish. (19 uses this update with no previous usage)

M:Tarte palette Mermosa-goal is to hit pan. (7 uses this update with 28 uses total)
N: Tarte palette Nude Beach-goal is to hit pan. (8 uses with 29 uses total)
O: C.Y.O Lifeproof foundation-goal is to finish. (13 uses with 29 total to finish)
P: ABH Sultry Palette Pearl-goal is to hit pan. (29 uses with 76 uses total)
Q: Tarte blush color Quirky-goal is to hit pan. (26 uses with 79 uses total)
R: Rom&nd bronzer: goal is to hit pan-goal achieved!. (34 uses with 105 uses total)
S: ABH Sultry Palette Steamunk-goal is to hit pan. (10 uses with 26 total uses)
T: ABH Sultry Palette Twig-goal is to hit pan. (13 uses with 35 total uses)
U: Urban Decay Eye Primer-goal is to finish. (24 uses with 61 total uses before finish)
V: Urban Decay eyeliner in Voodoo-goal is to use past the 24/7. (11 uses with 40 total uses)
W: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation-goal is to finish. (2 uses with 16 uses total)
X: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes (soft and sexy) eyeshadow palette use up In The Buff eyeshadow. (0 uses with a total of 34 uses)
Y: NYX eyeshadow pan (forgot to get a photo this update) goal is to use up. (17 uses for a total of 40 uses)
Z: BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette-goal is to hit pan on the matte Virgo shade. (0 uses for a total of 16 uses)

So to recap-between the last update and this update I managed to hit a goal on both the Mario Badescue facial spray which is now gone and the Rom&nd bronzer which an itty bitty baby pan was hit. It’s not even visible in the photo but there’s a sliver of pan where the two colors meet.

There are a few items getting awfully close as well, both the colors on the mermaid palette are so desperately close to pan being hit. If I concentrated on that, I am sure I’d meet both goals. I also think I am very close to being done with both sample size foundations in the project. One is too light and the other too dark so lately I’ve been mixing them to make a perfect summer shade. I have been outside a ton and I no longer own a summer foundation shade so having something too dark has come in very handy. I’ve also uncovered a ridiculous amount of pan on the pur highlighter and I do feel like using it up is actually a pretty reasonable goal for that product. And finally-the jellypop primer is at a point where enough is used that I’ll actually be able to add a usage line to it. The container has now shrunk enough to show progress.

I am enjoying the longer term goal of this, and kind of at an easy pace. Basically, I am working at this regularly but not so much so that I ignore everything else. This project may take a long time to finish and I may end up really down to just a few items, or rather, just one or two eyeshadow palettes, but I am enjoying how it is going. And if I use up too much, I can always start a different project in the future.

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