10th Foster Dog

Our 9th foster came to us mid-May and didn’t leave until over 2 months later. She went to a good home a fair bit more confident than she was when she came to us. All in all, a job well done. She also joined a dog who was previously a foster from our organization so that was nice!

Because we had a bit of travel planned, we decided to hold off on accepting another foster dog until we were back from that travel. During our final trip, we’d seen photos of a dog who was extremely emaciated and hurt. She’d been picked up by animal control and given to our sister rescue in another state. The rescue owner took her into her own home. It was touch and go, she was too weak to stand and too weak to have a much needed limb amputation. She had about a week to see if she could be ok. We were asked to take her if she pulled through, and of course we said yes!

For the first two days she pooped nothing but trash and rocks, giving us an indication of how starved she was. After a vet visit, it was determined that she’d been shot, and her leg was infected. She needed antibiotics before she could have her surgery. A week later, after sufficient nutrition and antibiotics and love, she was ready for surgery. She did not appreciate being at the vet and cried constantly. But as soon as the rescue owner brought her home, she was a happy dog again.

She came to us on a transport a few days after her stitches came out. She still had some healing to do. But, over time, she’s gotten her scars totally sealed, and she definitely doesn’t hurt as much as she did. She’s around 8 months old and she wants to play play play! She’s not at all timid, she adores humans and other dogs, and she has fit in beautifully in our family.

In this photo you can see her ample scarring. But, don’t think for a second that she’s not capable of all that other dogs do! She’s fast and playful and I regularly have to remind myself she’s missing a limb.
Seriously, how pretty is she?

I do love a tan dog with a black face, but with this one, our whole family is ready to foster fail. We won’t. Probably. But we are ready to. She’s a complete delight, so funny with so much character. We are 10 dogs in to this foster project and I am still consistently amazed at how they are so resilient! They just keep loving and trusting despite terrible treatment before their arrival in rescue!

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