Everything but the Sink Project Pan

I have just invented this project pan right now. I decided to go through my skincare and bathroom storage. I gave two facemasks to my daughter. But then I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed by all the small items I had for travel, the samples, the items I hadn’t finished using yet because I moved on to something new, and the items I have gotten in subscription boxes that I haven’t even wanted to use.

So, I pulled a whole bunch of little items out of my collection, threw them all in a plastic bin, and decided to try to use them up.

Originally I thought I would take them all out and photograph and document them. But then I decided I couldn’t be bothered. So, instead, I am going to leave them in this box and pull from the box. Once they are done, we’ll have a traditional empties. I threw in there even things like travel size toothpaste and floss because the idea was to truly clean out my drawer and those were in my drawer. There’s a real mix of items. Makeup removing products I don’t use because I’d prefer to use a plain cleansing oil or balm, a couple hotel conditioners that I rather liked, some sheet masks, some actives and toners, just a total mix. All that being said, I don’t think it’ll take me all that long to complete this project, maybe 3 months? In the end, I just need to concentrate on these to get them used up.