Mystery Shawl Clue 2

While clue 3 came out on Friday, due to a number of circumstances I was unable to finish clue 2 until yesterday after work. I’d had my covid vaccine booster on Friday and while it didn’t make me as sick as shot 2, I was pretty under the weather for the weekend and not really knitting.

I also made an interesting discovery. I keep talking about how I am not terribly inspired about knitting these days. Which is true. But, I had an eye doctor appointment where it was discovered that like so many people who are aging, I am struggling with my near sight, and could benefit from readers. I got readers. And it may be that some of my lack of inspiration about knitting has to do with not being able to see my stitches. It was pretty amazing how much better and more comfortable with knitting I was the moment I put on those readers!

In any case, here’s clue 2 finished. I still think the grey colors are too similar. One is a grey and the other is a speckled yarn that lends itself grey. Both are used on the outer edges of the shawl but it’s pretty hard to determine that there are two different colored yarns being used there. Nevertheless, the shawl will be quite interesting when completed and this far in I am not inclined to change it.

Now I am on to clue 3 which includes brioche so that’s been fun!

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