Mystery Shawl Clue 3

While it took me a week and a half to finish clue 2, it only took me half a week to finish clue 3. I finished the day clue 4 came out so I am feeling pretty good about that. This clue doesn’t feel like it adds all that much to the shawl, a bit of brioche and some criss crossed stitches.

Clue 4 is the final clue which adds a pretty large border to the piece and then I am done for this year. Another very pleasant and inspiring mystery knit!

In other news, our 9th foster dog went to her forever home last evening. It’s a bit sad because she was a foster we truly enjoyed. On the other hand, I do get a lot more done when I don’t have a very young dog in the house to constantly monitor. We were supposed to get our 11th foster dog this weekend, but she is ill and we aren’t quite sure why so she needs to stay at the vet and recover. I am hoping that she will recover and that she can join us next month but it’s hard to say when we don’t even know what is wrong in the first place.

So in the meantime I am doing some other interesting work. Miss Butterfly and I switched rooms. Her bedroom is my former craft room and my new craft room is her former bedroom. I am delighted because the room is arranged in a way that’s easier to configure furniture wise, plus it’s painted in a way I really love. It’s yellow with teal stripes on one wall! At one time, my daughter was super into teal and wanted teal stripes so my parents came out and helped us paint. Now she’s older and not so sure about them anymore. I will be spending the upcoming weeks repairing the walls as kids are rather hard on walls. I am also determining how I will use the space. Previously I really wanted to add a sofa sleeper to the room but it turns out the doorway just isn’t large enough to get one in there. I am now more contemplating a large comfy chair and ottoman which has been my dream for the room for quite some time. I suppose guests will just have to use an air mattress until Miss Butterfly’s room becomes a guest room.

In any case, I have purchased sheer curtains and a curtain rod to hang some really pretty matching curtains a friend handed down to me. I will have a computer desk which will be one Miss Butterfly was using for now but maybe eventually will become a sit to stand desk. I now have a work laptop to use at home and they are giving me a full dual screen set up at home. I will be purchasing a kneeling chair for the set up immediately as I will also have the opportunity to use my comfy chair when that’s the type of set up I prefer. So things are really coming along in my craft room and I am enjoying the process of using the space!

That’s about it from here but I hope to have the final shawl post in about a week!

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