2021 Mystery Revealed

Over the past weeks I’ve been working toward finishing up my westknits mystery shawl. All that I had left was a colorblock border which was definitely something I looked forward to. Unsurprisingly though, it took me a rather long time to finish. That was a lot of stitches to bind off with a big border!

The full shawl.
Colorblock border and more details.

One of the reasons I am always happy to participate in the westknits mystery shawls has to do with the fact that I am likely to learn a new technique or create something very interesting. Plus, no matter the technique, there will be a very good tutorial accompanying it. I also enjoy very large shawls and the westknits mystery shawls are indeed very large. This one is, however, a bit smaller than some in years past. I am not disappointed necessarily, it’s just an observation.

I am not good at following along with knitting trends these days so I do hope that I am able to catch the next one! Because I do get a lot of enjoyment out of the process.

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