Everything but the sink update1

Hi all,

A little over a month ago I threw a whole bunch of samples and products into a bin and claimed I wanted to get them used up. I’d been organizing my bathroom drawer and gotten frustrated with the amount of tiny items and almost finished items. I just wanted to concentrate on a few things and get them out of my drawer.

Here’s the original bin:

It’s not an organized project pan, it’s simply an attempt to clear the bin as much as possible. Quite frankly, over the month, more sample sizes have been thrown in there as they’ve come into my life. But I did try to tackle my first update in a fairly organized manner. I decided to concentrate on the sachets as well as the bigger items that had very little product left in them.

Here are the items I finished over this past little over a month. I am not going to go into great detail about them. There’s a couple of different moisturizers, all of them were almost finished when I put them in the project. I have decided I would not repurchase the murad one, it pills under makeup and that’s not great for me. I just use it as a night cream now. But, sadly, I have another full one! So I am now concentrating on getting that used up as well. Both Peter Thomas Roth items are very nice moisturizers. Through the winter I prefer something a bit heavier than the cloud cream moisturizer, but it’s a lovely one for the summer. These days, for makeup removal I prefer a cleansing balm or oil, but I am determined to finish off the three clinique makeup removers just on principle. I actually used one to assist in removing some stubborn tape residue on my craft room walls. 🙂

I am glad to let these empty packaging pieces go and start on a new batch in the upcoming months.

One thought on “Everything but the sink update1

  1. You did an awesome job using up these mini and almost used up items! I know that I am also getting frustrated finding almost used up items that I found sitting in my collection. I have a bad habit of not wanting a good thing to end. I am learning to just use and enjoy what I have. I can always replace it. I am really tackling items now with this new mentality. I have so many minis that I think I will do 2 project pans next year with one strictly focused on a bin of minis like this one with no goal but to see how many I can use up by the end of the year.

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