2022 Rolling Project Pan

You read that right! I am already posting about next year’s project pan. I am still working on my everything but the kitchen sink, and I am still working on my A to Z. But, I am also doing a full stash rotation this month in hopes to discover what I want to pan next year and I’ve already come up with 6 items. In my opinion, 6 items is a perfect number to begin. And I don’t really want to wait until January to begin.

These items will still be used sparingly this month since I am working on the stash rotation. But I really do not want to neglect them. By the time I finish the first item I should have a pretty good idea of what I’d next like to roll in.

At the top I’ve got some Bare Minerals Bare Pro powder foundation which you can see I’ve really worked at quite well over the years. I was keeping it at work and using it when I’d ride my bike or motorbike to work. But, during my stash rotation I found two more powder foundations, one of which I liked quite a bit more, so I think it’s time to get this one used up.

Next to that is an hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light. It has been in a previous project, I had wanted to hit pan which obviously I did. This shade actually works as a pretty decent bronzer in the dead of winter so now is a great time to try to get it used up.

The CeraVe mineral sunscreen I want to love, but I like the australian gold one so much better. I kind of hate the smell of the cerave one and it also doesn’t really set down nicely for me when I use it on its own. I feel kind of slimy all the time when I use it. I have heard it performs pretty well under makeup so I have decided to try to finish it. I’ll mark this one as soon as this post is finished.

The mac studio fix fluid foundation is just not great for me. It does not hold on to my skin during a work day and mask wearing. This one may be harder for me to pan, but my hope is to use it on days I don’t need a long wearing foundation in my life. I have washi tape on the side to indicate how much has currently been used.

The juice beauty primer I’ve tried to pan before. This product is kind of a pain because there is so much skin care it doesn’t pair well with. It likes to ball up and look terrible. But lately I’ve been able to use it in certain circumstances so I am going to try to finish it. It is pretty when it’s working well! I still have another primer in the A to Z project pan so this may be slow going initially. There’s a silver line on the right hand side indicating how much I’ve used so far.

And finally, my Bite Beauty lipstick. It has been in a project pan before. And honestly, I wear the heck out of it in times of no masking. It’s just one of those formulas that feels quite comfortable to wear. And the color is kind of a neutral to cool toned pink. So any time I am wearing a mauve or more cool toned eyeshadow, this lipstick works beautifully. It’s so close to being finished though, so I’d like to just be able to get it finished and out of my stash. I may also try it as a cream blush at some point, because I think it would look really nice that way.

That’s it, 6 items to start working on in the upcoming year and even before. And while I am doing my stash rotation I am certain I’ll find more.

3 thoughts on “2022 Rolling Project Pan

  1. Well, if you are posting yours early, I am going to follow suit. lol I am inspired by your picks. I think six products is a good place to start as well. I also decided to do stash rotations, inspired by you as well. I picked out products for the month of December and will be switching some things in and out every month. So, I have many posts to come. I just want to say, Thank You. Thank you for being such a great friend and supporter. ❤ You are a role model to me.

    • Yes, do it! It feels like a fantastic little head start. After I posted, I used the sunscreen, the powder foundation, and the hourglass powder. This morning I used the mac foundation, the primer, and the sunscreen. It feels good to be making a little progress this month instead of setting them aside for the start of the new year. I am so glad we found each other on the internet! 🙂

      • I am glad and happy as well! I have my deluxe sized minis and almost used products now in a basket and I grab one to use everyday. I also feel motivated to start the project as I know it takes time to use things up. It also helps that I dont “really” have a serious project pan going right now. So inspired! I wanna keep this positive energy flowing.

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