Scrap Linen Stitch Cowl

I had so much leftover yarn once my mystery shawl was complete I didn’t want to just put it back in my stash as it would disappear in there and I don’t think I’d quite get to using it again. So I decided to use 4 of the colors and make a linen stitch cowl.

It was a pretty quick knit and I did indeed fully use up two of the colors leaving me with just a small ball of the other two. The shawl itself is rather soft as the yarn I used is single ply and soft. I think I may cast on another linen stitch cowl very soon. This was a very pleasurable knit.

My knitting production has gone back up quite a bit lately. It may be coincidence but it seems to correlate with the time I realized I needed reading glasses. I have a theory that I had just stopped being able to comfortably see my knitting but did not actually realize that is what was going on. I just slowly knit less and less and less. Only time will tell though!

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