Everything but the Sink Update

It’s less than a month since my last update but I was able to finish quite a lot of tiny items from my bin of small items. I need to continue to work on rearranging my craft room as I purchased a comfy chair for the room and need to get it to the point where it is ready to receive the chair. The chair is supposed to be delivered this weekend.

There are three full size products in this batch but they were both part of the original bin of products mostly because they were close to being done and I wanted to concentrate on finishing them. Everything else is sample/travel sized or sachets. I particularly enjoyed the Biore sunscreen, it’s lovely under makeup and very hydrating. I can’t say there were any other super stand out products. I do enjoy the Sunday Riley products but they are more expensive than I am typically willing to pay and I can generally find less expensive products that serve the same purposes.

Despite continuing to get sample sizes and sachets in orders, I have mostly been working through them immediately and I don’t have too much left in the bin. The project will continue but most of the remaining items are already in rotation being used so this’ll wrap up pretty soon.