2022 makeup collection plans

I’ve been using the app GlowinMe to track my makeup collection. I have everything in there now from face primers to color products. I do not have skincare in there. I do have sample/travel size projects. If an eyeshadow is a single shadow but in a curated magnetic palette, I counted it as one palette. If they are individual shadows, I counted them individually.

This is all to say that working on this project has been a lovely way to see what I have when I go to purchase other items. Much like with my yarn stash on Ravelry, I have easily been able to make better decisions because I am easily able to see from anywhere what I have, and what is often an abundance.

These seems like a bit of a hobby pattern for me. Purchase quite a lot because trying new things is inspiring but eventually getting a bit overwhelmed and wanting to find a way to cut back again. Then at some point evening out to a place where the collection isn’t too overwhelming but remains inspiring. I think with makeup, I am at the place of wanting a bit more balance and knowing what types of things I enjoy.

Yesterday I took this screenshot with my phone from the app.

You can see on there that it says stash 239. Now that number is a bit deceiving because if I have more than one of an item, the stash entry says 2 but the app does not count that as 2 separate items. The good news is that there are only 5 items that I have doubles of. There are also two lip balms I didn’t enter into my collection yet, but lip balm seems more of a skincare item to me than a makeup product so I may leave those two items out.

For project panning, I have finally fully decided to do a 22 in 2022 project. I will also be shutting down my A to Z that I started last February, but I just want to finish one more item before I shut it down. It’ll likely be shut down before a year is out. I am not entering much eyeshadow into the 22 in 2022 project as I want to play in my eyeshadow collection.

As for purchasing, I’ve decided to slow things down a bit. First of all, for eyeshadows, I’ve decided I really like the Nabla and Pat McGrath formulas. For the most part, I want to limit myself to those. And since they are pricey, this ends up being self limiting. I would like to build myself some wiggle room there, with a potential purchase of one other palette from a US based brand and one from a K or J beauty site. I want to continue to try some K and J beauty items in the upcoming year, but I want to limit myself to one new foundation total for the year. I will allow myself 5 total lip products, 1 primer, 3 powders, 1 setting spray (unless I run out and need to replace) and 4 colored face products (blush, highlighter, bronzer.)

Meanwhile I hope to be working through my collection well enough that those amounts make some sense. And, that my total collection numbers actually drop.

That’s it! That’s the plan. A low buy (and I will allow replacements if that ever happens) and a well thought out project in order to drop my overall collection number. I would kind of like to end up with my collection number under 200 by the end of the year. We’ll see if that’s possible. But all this will be a good start. Tomorrow will be my 22 in 2022 intro.