2022 makeup collection plans

I’ve been using the app GlowinMe to track my makeup collection. I have everything in there now from face primers to color products. I do not have skincare in there. I do have sample/travel size projects. If an eyeshadow is a single shadow but in a curated magnetic palette, I counted it as one palette. If they are individual shadows, I counted them individually.

This is all to say that working on this project has been a lovely way to see what I have when I go to purchase other items. Much like with my yarn stash on Ravelry, I have easily been able to make better decisions because I am easily able to see from anywhere what I have, and what is often an abundance.

These seems like a bit of a hobby pattern for me. Purchase quite a lot because trying new things is inspiring but eventually getting a bit overwhelmed and wanting to find a way to cut back again. Then at some point evening out to a place where the collection isn’t too overwhelming but remains inspiring. I think with makeup, I am at the place of wanting a bit more balance and knowing what types of things I enjoy.

Yesterday I took this screenshot with my phone from the app.

You can see on there that it says stash 239. Now that number is a bit deceiving because if I have more than one of an item, the stash entry says 2 but the app does not count that as 2 separate items. The good news is that there are only 5 items that I have doubles of. There are also two lip balms I didn’t enter into my collection yet, but lip balm seems more of a skincare item to me than a makeup product so I may leave those two items out.

For project panning, I have finally fully decided to do a 22 in 2022 project. I will also be shutting down my A to Z that I started last February, but I just want to finish one more item before I shut it down. It’ll likely be shut down before a year is out. I am not entering much eyeshadow into the 22 in 2022 project as I want to play in my eyeshadow collection.

As for purchasing, I’ve decided to slow things down a bit. First of all, for eyeshadows, I’ve decided I really like the Nabla and Pat McGrath formulas. For the most part, I want to limit myself to those. And since they are pricey, this ends up being self limiting. I would like to build myself some wiggle room there, with a potential purchase of one other palette from a US based brand and one from a K or J beauty site. I want to continue to try some K and J beauty items in the upcoming year, but I want to limit myself to one new foundation total for the year. I will allow myself 5 total lip products, 1 primer, 3 powders, 1 setting spray (unless I run out and need to replace) and 4 colored face products (blush, highlighter, bronzer.)

Meanwhile I hope to be working through my collection well enough that those amounts make some sense. And, that my total collection numbers actually drop.

That’s it! That’s the plan. A low buy (and I will allow replacements if that ever happens) and a well thought out project in order to drop my overall collection number. I would kind of like to end up with my collection number under 200 by the end of the year. We’ll see if that’s possible. But all this will be a good start. Tomorrow will be my 22 in 2022 intro.

13 thoughts on “2022 makeup collection plans

    • I just checked it out, looks like, (very sadly!) it’s only available on apple app store. It’s really good, I hope they expand that soon. I think you’d love it.

  1. Sounds pretty cool . I’ll be cutting back on palette buys , as I have almost all the Juvia’s Places ones , but I do have one other palette I want to try from Kaleidos. So it looks like just sticking to indies . I was happy to say I’ve almost panned a few lipsticks and mascaras .

    • Oh my gosh, I agree on Kaleidos. I have never tried them but I regret not purchasing many palettes they came out with last year. In particular club nebula and flower punk. Which I know is still available, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on it.

      • Yeah I was sad about missing Club Nebula , but the Escape Pod does seem more my style . Flower Punk is very pretty too . Oh have you seen their new multichrome highlighter ? That’s some sorcery there ✨💕

      • I honestly have been tempted by all their highlighters, they really do a lovely job. Trouble is, at this point each one that comes out is more interesting than the previous so part of me is like “Just wait it out and see what they’ll do next.” I think that’s why I haven’t made an eyeshadow purchase either!

    • By and large, I use my makeup. There are very few things I have gotten rid of. When I do decide I can let something go from my collection I have given it to my teen daughter, her friends, or friends of my own who are not quite as involved in makeup as I am. If I have a larger amount to let go of, I have considered a local school drama club as perhaps drama kids would enjoy the extras. But really, I use my makeup.

      • Oh wow! Those are really great ideas! I love all my makeup too. I feel like it takes me forever to use them up but I sometimes buy more than I need 😅

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