A to Z project pan finale

I began this project in February 2021 and I’ve decided I am at a point I am ready to stop it. So this is the finale. Let’s look at last month and then this month.

And my list:

A: Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. This is finished, but I forgot to save the empty container. (21 uses this update, total uses 40.)
B: ABH Sultry palette Bloom-goal is to hit pan. (1 use this update, with 12 uses total)
C: ABH Sultry Palette Cinder-goal is to hit pan. (1 uses this update and 13 total)
D: ABH Sultry Palette Dystopian-goal is to hit pan. (1 uses this update with 41 uses total)
E: ABH Sultry Palette Ember-goal is to hit pan. (0 uses this month, 6 total)
F: ABH Sultry Palette Fresh-goal is to hit pan. (4 uses this update with 40 uses total and goal met!)
G: Grace & Stella Spray all Day Rose Spray-goal is to finish. (17uses, with 67 uses total and now used up)
H: Pur Highlighter-goal is to use up. (20 uses this update with 144 uses total)
I: IT Cosmetics CC cream-Goal is to finish. (9 uses to finish, so a total 24 uses in the project.)
J: Elf Jellypop primer-goal is to finish. (15 uses this update with 104 uses to finish)
L: Estee Lauder Doublewear-goal is to finish. (6 uses this update, 40 uses to finish my goal)
M:Tarte palette Mermosa-goal is to hit pan. (5 uses this update with 33 uses total and goal met!)
N: Tarte palette Nude Beach-goal is to hit pan. (5 uses with 34 uses total and pan hit!)
O: C.Y.O Lifeproof foundation-goal is to finish. (13 uses with 29 total to finish)
P: ABH Sultry Palette Pearl-goal is to hit pan. (5 uses with 93 uses to hit goal.)
Q: Tarte blush color Quirky-goal is to hit pan. (9 uses with 88 uses total and I have hit pan!)
R: Rom&nd bronzer: goal is to hit pan-goal achieved!. (34 uses with 105 uses total)
S: ABH Sultry Palette Steamunk-goal is to hit pan. (2 uses with 31 total uses to meet goal with massive pan!)
T: ABH Sultry Palette Twig-goal is to hit pan. (6 uses with 41 total uses and a goal met)
U: Urban Decay Eye Primer-goal is to finish. (24 uses with 61 total uses before finish)
V: Urban Decay eyeliner in Voodoo-goal is to use past the 24/7. (10 uses with 74 total uses)
W: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation-goal is to finish. (12 uses with 28 uses total and I am finished.)
X: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes (soft and sexy) eyeshadow palette use up In The Buff eyeshadow. (1 uses with a total of 35 uses) While I did not make this goal or even hit pan, I gave this palette to a friend and that still feels like a goal met.
Y: NYX eyeshadow pan (forgot to get a photo this update) goal is to use up. (18 uses for a total of 98 uses)
Z: BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette-goal is to hit pan on the matte Virgo shade. (3 uses for a total of 29 uses to meet my goal)

The big progress this month was finishing the jellypop primer and hitting pan in the zodiac palette. 2 goals met.

I decluttered one item to a friend and did not meet my goal on 7 items. But I still feel like this was a very successful project overall. A total of 11 pans were hit. 3 of those were face products and the rest were eyeshadow. And I completely used up 7 items. Using up a full highlighter was always an ambitious goal, but I hit pan, repressed, and I have two tiny baby pans on the repressed highlighter. This year I plan to actively work on finishing the highlighter and the nyx cream colored eyeshadow. I know I can finish the nyx, and I think I can finish the highlighter if I keep concentrating on it.

I chose not to put any of the items from this project in my 22 in 2022 project I just started, so I am hoping that the the finishes I make with these items in 2022 will just be additional items I get to move out of my collection after finishing. Little bonuses!

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