It’s been about 2 years since I’ve knit anything entrelac. I had been thinking recently that I’d like to do another entrelac scarf. So I pulled out some handspun I spun years ago. It is a 3 braid combo, I combined 3 braids in different colorways that were similarly toned. I mixed up all the colors in all three braids and then spun a 3-ply yarn. I have loved the yarn from the start but never could figure out what to knit out of it.

I am fairly certain I never could figure that out because this is what I was supposed to knit out of that yarn.

When one has been knitting as long as I have, it’s easy to knit to pass the time but not be overly thrilled with the results. We all get jaded over long periods of time. But every once in a while a project comes along where the results are quite thrilling, and that’s the case for this one. I love this. I can’t wait to wear it. It’s rich in color and feel. It’s beautiful and interesting. The color combinations thrill me. It is perfect.

So perfect and enjoyable that I immediately chose two more handspun yarns and case on for two more entrelac scarves. I gotta say, the color situation is not nearly so thrilling in either project! In one, the color changes are longer so the colors are blockier and less subtle. In the other, the color changes are shorter and so each square works through a few different colors making it quite the mash up of color in general. I am going to keep knitting both projects until they are done but it’s definitely a different feel than this project.

Another Everything but the Sink update

I’ve kept working on my bin of samples and travel size products as well as a number of items I am was close to being done with. More samples have entered my life and they got thrown in the bin as well to be used. Here’s another grouping of finished items.

The big news, for me, is that I FINALLY started making progress on all the travel size dental floss. I find the travel sizes so annoying. You use them for a week and then you go to get another length of floss and you get half the amount necessary. It’s just too irritating. But over the past month I have seriously committed to getting them used. I’ve got loads more to go through, obviously the pile of these has grown for years, but I am now determined to keep after it.

This group has a ton of sachets that I used up. Nothing here is super duper remarkable. I’ve enjoyed the project quite a bit, but it has also shown me that so much of what I use is pretty interchangeable. At least for me. I’ve got my skin in a place that is fairly good. Fairly normal. I deal with some masking related acne which is annoying but I also have products to use for that. I am no longer dehydrated, definitely not terribly oily during the winter, pretty balanced overall. And honestly that means that I can change up a thing or two here and there, use up these products, and it doesn’t screw up my skin or my routine. Kind of a fun place to be!