Another Everything but the Sink update

I’ve kept working on my bin of samples and travel size products as well as a number of items I am was close to being done with. More samples have entered my life and they got thrown in the bin as well to be used. Here’s another grouping of finished items.

The big news, for me, is that I FINALLY started making progress on all the travel size dental floss. I find the travel sizes so annoying. You use them for a week and then you go to get another length of floss and you get half the amount necessary. It’s just too irritating. But over the past month I have seriously committed to getting them used. I’ve got loads more to go through, obviously the pile of these has grown for years, but I am now determined to keep after it.

This group has a ton of sachets that I used up. Nothing here is super duper remarkable. I’ve enjoyed the project quite a bit, but it has also shown me that so much of what I use is pretty interchangeable. At least for me. I’ve got my skin in a place that is fairly good. Fairly normal. I deal with some masking related acne which is annoying but I also have products to use for that. I am no longer dehydrated, definitely not terribly oily during the winter, pretty balanced overall. And honestly that means that I can change up a thing or two here and there, use up these products, and it doesn’t screw up my skin or my routine. Kind of a fun place to be!

One thought on “Another Everything but the Sink update

  1. I’m trying to get back into my routine now that I am covid free and it is difficult to get back into the habit. lol. My skin is super oily and has some texture. I am sure in a few days, I can get it back to normal. Like you, I am lucky that I can try new things and my skin doesn’t go haywire. Good job using up all of those products! They really add up and you have cleared out quite a bit here.

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