Foster dog updates

Our little white jack russell terrier mix was in our home all of one week before she found her new home. I kind of love it when that happens because it means that our foster never had an opportunity to really settle into our home. We were just a quick stop on the way to their forever home. She was, however, an absolutely adorable delight of a foster and I will remember her very fondly and look forward to updates.

Our sweet amputee though, she is still with us. Today marks 4 weeks post amputation.

2 weeks ago she had her staples removed and her scabby bits have been falling off slowly but surely as her scarring heals. Last evening I noticed that a scab had fell off and I could see another staple, so she’s headed back to the vet today to get that staple and one more I found removed. She’s been licking at that area so I wasn’t too surprised to see a few leftover staples.

She has proven herself to be the sweetest and easiest foster dog. Now fully healed and not in pain (except for those annoying staples!) she has settled in to being a total snuggle bug and also a lovely companion to our own dogs. They both love her very much. She’s completely housetrained and kennel trained. She’s got energy when we are all feeling playful and then she goes and chills on a dog bed. Just the easiest! Unfortunately the rescue has not had any appropriate applications on her yet. There’s a secret part of me that hopes that it takes time. Mostly because this is the easiest way to fulfill our personal foster dog obligations. She’s already been with us 5 weeks so she’s really perfectly settled in. But I’d also be very happy for her to find her new home too!