Graveyard Project Pan 2022

I’ve been watching the graveyard project pans on youtube over the years but never quite felt like I had the space to work on one. But, with only the 22 in 2022 going on right now, and feeling pretty confident about it at the moment, I think I could fit in a graveyard project pan this year.

So the basic idea, start April 30 (oops! Failed that already, but shouldn’t be a major issue) and end on Halloween. Items should be of two categories-

Resurrection: a product from a previous project pan

Collecting Cobwebs: a product that is getting old

Choose 5-10 products total, and it’s rolling style.

I went back through my project pans over the past few years, and it was kind of fun! I could see that by and large I tend to really use up the products that land in a project pan. Nevertheless, I made a list of items that have been in past projects and I could see continuing to work on.

Resurrection products:

  1. Cover FX palette-I do not intend to work on the highlighters in this palette, only the blush, bronzer, and brightener. The hope would be to hit pan on all 3. I think the hardest goal there would be to do so on the blush.
  2. NYX shadow pan-I use this as an eye primer setting shade and it was in my project pan last year. I did not finish it but I am now so close! I am confident I can finish this one.
  3. Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer-this is the first primer I purchased ever and so it’s the oldest in my collection. It was also in a project years ago but I just wasn’t using it so I removed it. I would like to get this used up, but that feels like a very distant goal. So, I’ll get as much use as possible over the course of this project

Here’s where the three of these are right now.

The NYX shadow pan is in the cover FX palette, as I finished the finishing powder in the palette earlier this year.

Collecting Cobwebs:

  1. Mac Mineralized Skin Finish powder-I bought this at least two years ago now and just didn’t use it all that much. I like it a lot, it’s lightweight and pretty. So, I think I want to work on finishing it up this summer.
  2. Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves eyeshadow palette-this is the oldest eyeshadow palette in my collection and has been in multiple projects. As you can see I’ve got so much use out of it! And I truly still love it, it’s a fantastic palette. For this goal, I am going to say use it until I’ve worked through each shadow at least once and keep tally. Then I can roll it out and then roll in a different older palette in my collection to do the same. This will kind of coincide with a personal and not blogged about project I’ve been working on in my makeup stash.

Here’s the current photos on these two items.

I am finishing up a bronzer and contour in my 22 in 2022 project but I am so close to being finished on those so I think a different face palette will be great to use over the summer months. I will update monthly on this project since I want to roll out eyeshadow palettes and roll new ones in.

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