New Fence Day

After old red fence came down and the first load was hauled to the dump, I got the rest of the old red fence into the pick up. We did not have a full load so we didn’t do another dump run, I figured we’d wait until we finished the new fence build as there might be items to haul again that we could add to the second load.

New fence day was a warm Saturday but it was much nicer than the hotter days previous. Our all volunteer build crew showed up around 10 and we got started! The night before we had set the end and gate posts with cement as these needed to be secure to measure from, but day of, we finished the rest of the post holes. I learned how to use a post hole digger this time, expanding my fence build volunteer knowledge.

Then we got started on the rest of the build!

All of the new fence area was previously covered by the red fence. This new fence provides us more privacy. We ran into a bit of a snag here, the neighbor had a very large junk tree he didn’t want to cut down yet. We did not measure carefully enough, and when we got to the tree, realized that our fence would not fit where we had the posts if the tree stayed. So I figured I’d give it a shot, and asked if I could go halfsies with him on a new tree to replace the junk tree, and he agreed. So we had a surprise tree removal as well! I am not sure what our solution would have been if he didn’t allow us to take down the junk tree.

We got all closed in between the garage and the house which is fantastic!

And we are closed in between the house and the other neighbor’s fence.

And one more angle of the back fence.

We did not complete the job until perhaps 6:30 pm and we had lost most of our crew by then, but the remainder just kept pushing through to get the job done. I learned to use a cordless drill and the majority of the screws along the long back fence were placed by me. I got into such a routine that I ended up deciding that I should get myself a cordless drill for the next fence build so I can be more helpful than just holding boards. It’s at the end of next month so I have a little time to do a little research.

Once complete, our dogs had a wonderful time exploring the yard, even though they truly acted like they were doing something wrong as they are so accustomed to being on leashes! Since the build, I’ve spent absolutely as much time as possible outside with my dogs and my spinning wheel and it has been absolutely glorious.

And as a side note, the week before fence build day we’d received our most recent foster dog, so she, too, gets the benefit of being outdoors unleashed!

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